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  1. Sweet 16 over here. It's incredible how talented some of the users are for their age :o
  2. Time - an illusion? Didn't think of anything more "time-ish" that hadn't already been done
  3. thanks. The flag was the original idea, cause it looks like he is giving a speech or something. The trees were something I made just now.
  4. Took a picture of a friend of mine throwing away something... <-- clickable .. and edited it a bit. <-- clickable <-- clickable Could have done a better job cutting out, but it was in the middle of the night so didn't really feel like it
  5. Ha, I do do that. (no immature pun intended ) I didn't write that! :o Wither did
  6. ... you don't need your digital camera because you can just as easily and realisticly draw things in PdN
  7. Alpha curves fun edit: Thanks trek. That orb looks very special Good job experimenting and trying new stuff (?)
  8. Was in a chrome mood, but did something I haven't done before and distorted some metal stuff i made with twist:
  9. @Crazy Ninja: Thanks! Nice space pic, really like the sunshine effect . As for tips I think you should try to make the space ship thingy a bit more 3d. Don't know how though :? @pyjo: That is outstanding! :o The flower is fantastic, but i also love the mountains in the backgroud! @Kyselina: Looks cool :wink: edit: Made to images and faded them together and added som effects in WMM: <--clicks Know it's kinda lame At least the pictures I used are 100% Paint.NET
  10. Good job SuperJemmy! Looks very much alike! Maybe you could add som shine to the sides as it looks as though they're metal (at least I think so :? ). Theres a spider in the orb! :o
  11. That's just plain awesomeness bb00 abstract glass thing Inspired by wither A redo of a wave pic made by anypandy.
  12. If only... :wink: As for the next theme I dig the rock 'n roll suggestion (or maybe just music in general), but perhaps something christmassy would be more appropriate this time of year... Guess it's up to Helio now :wink:
  13. started out making chrome text. ended up making glass... I call this "wierdnotverygoodwoodbuttonthingy". any questions?
  14. cool verndewd As for the cars, paintdotnetter1, I like the one with the flames Started out experimenting with making wood using dents with massive stretch and turbulence. Ended up with this... *clicketyclick* There's definately room for improvement though.
  15. sweetness 8) Do you use the skins and stuff you make for anything, or is it like just for fun? Great job pyjo ! quite amazing for a first post
  16. Are you trying to hypnotize us thehamster...? :shock: Looks cool Stunning! Messed up the colors a bit on this one. Started out making a button or something... :?
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