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  1. Nice pic, BoltBait! it does most of the job for me too. Yes, this plugin is heavy on resources, due to Gaussian blur being part of the algorithm (@ radius 12 in Basic mode). In my PC it takes few sec to render 800x600 image, but about 30 sec for 6MP image (1.73GHz, 504MB RAM). More RAM should speed up any photo editing remarkably. Graphics card doesn't matter as effect computing goes on in CPU+RAM only. For faster workflow you could use a resized copy (or small selection) of your image to find suitable settings, run the effect once to load settings into memory, then open original imag
  2. You could try Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin. See the replies by Ash in this topic to learn how it works.
  3. The plugin actually works equally for both shadows and highlights (you can test it on b/w gradient). You are just facing the major curse of digital photography - highlight clipping due to low dynamic range. There is simply nothing to restore once the pixel brightness reaches level 255 (and it does very easily). I bet that's the case with your tested photos. On the other hand shadows save far more detail before clipping to zero, that's why it is much easier to recover. The issue is nicely explained here: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/fixing- ... -range.htm
  4. New version is up! It's easier to use and gives better results. See first post for details. Hope you like it.
  5. While grey is sitting in the middle of color wheel then maybe set it always to 50%?
  6. Tutorial disappeared magically somewhere last week :?: Wormholes of universe, I guess :? Anyway, I reloaded it now.
  7. Honestly, delete bad photos right away - all photographers do. There's no way to make them look good. For good photos I recommend following workflow order: - Noise removal (use some special software for that) - Crop - Color correction (color balance plugin, white balance plugin) - Exposure & contrast adjustment (levels, curves, shadow/highlight plugin) - saturation adjustment - Defects removal (Clone Stamp) - Resizing - Sharpening You hardly need to go all those steps on a good photo, but it's a good order in general. And don't "decorate" photos with the ugly date stamp unless y
  8. Stop taking photos through windshield! By doing it you deliberately destroy image quality. I wouldn't try to fix photos with that many / large defects. Haze can be reduced with Sharpen+ plugin (unsharp mask) @ amount 20, radius 80; but you won't get rid of the "windshield effect". :?
  9. I am thinking about adding a "Basic" mode with just three controls (Shadows, Highlights, Smoothing), to make it easier for basic users (most of us I guess). That would be default UI, with ability to jump into Advanced mode (current design) and override fine settings any time. Ideally it would speed up the work for advanced users as well. But it takes quite some time, 'cause I need to test and figure out some generally good combination of settings to bundle. Meantime pretend you are advanced users just a sketch:
  10. or Alpha Blur, for transition up to 100 pix wide - http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=5652
  11. Plugin updated today; download version 1.5 beta: shadowhighlight_v1-5beta.zip Added a new control called Compression (on Smoothing tab). This control amplifies strength of effect progressively towards the extreme shadows/highlights, allowing to reveal much more detail from deep shadows. Default value is 5 (on 0-10 scale) - as a result, amount controls are also much more sensitive now. Turning the compression down to zero reduces the effect back to what it was in previous version. Hope you like it. See what I could squeeze out of darkness now: Settings applied Shadows: Amount 120, T
  12. Paintbrush with a transparent color draws evenly when switched to overwrite mode & antialias off. That's what I want from eraser too. BTW I found a bug related to Paintbrush. Anyway, I can work around the eraser issue now by turning transparency way down (to few % only). Then I can "paint" semi-transparency, but clicking then gives almost no effect. :?
  13. I guess it is a bug - vertical transparent line crossing the dot made with paintbrush at overwrite mode with antialias ON.
  14. Is it possible to add the "Normal Blending / Overwrite" option to Eraser tool (same as Paintbrush has)? I have found semi-transparent Eraser to be handy in some situations, and I would like it to apply equal amount of transparency in both one-click and moving mode. Currently Eraser seems to use Normal Blending mode only, therefore moving eraser applies much different effect than single click. This makes it complicated to use for large work. This is my problem: I want moving eraser to add same effect as single click. I guess Overwrite mode would solve it.
  15. If you just want black to be deeper then Adjustments>Levels is all you need. Try "Auto" button first. If the result is too wild then click Reset and lift Input black point to 10-15 (black goes darker). Then lift Output middle point to ~0.8 (midtones go brighter).
  16. Try Curves+ like that: This L shaped curve will make all coloured pixels transparent.
  17. It's a good start! I would try to give more depth to the tower at fine-toning stage, to make it stand out. And maybe clone out the dark spots from treetops. Something like this: I selected the tower and made: - local contrast enhancement with Sharpen+ plugin @ Amount 20, Radius 40 (would try Radius 80 at fullsize) - saturation +15 Then deselected and sharpened whole image with Sharpen+ @ Amount 100, Radius 1 (would try Radius 2 at fullsize)
  18. Fixed two UI related bugs, one of those could crash PdN in rare circumstances. Use the original link to download fixed version.
  19. Thank you guys, glad to hear it works for you. Thanks for pointing out, fixed it now (moreless); use the original link to download: (Applied the same fix to Sharpen+ plugin today) It doesn't replace HDR really, but works on the same issue indeed, in smaller scale.
  20. This plugin is designed to fix excessively contrasty photos, by brightening shadows and/or darkening highlights. Menu location: Effects > Photo. Download as part of my plugin pack. Updated to version 2.2 (2008-12-24)! Changes: few UI and code optimizations; moved to Photo submenu. Updated to version 2.1 (2008-08-31)! Changes: - Plugin now starts with default settings loaded (shadows: 100; smoothing 50) - Compatibility fix for paint.net 3.36 Changes in version 2 (2007-09-20): - Improved core algorithm produce
  21. Thanks to everyone for positive feedback hehe, I'll try to compensate it somehow... say, with some more plugins? Actually there's a good reason for the "+" extension, it places the plugin nicely next to the original Sharpen in the effects menu.
  22. I prefer to sharpen my photos with unsharp mask, because of finer results compared to built-in sharpen effect. So far I had to use other programs for that operation. Switching between programs is annoying - so I decided to learn the code and design a plugin with features I need. Hope you find it useful too. Menu location: Effects > Photo. Download as part of my plugin pack. Updated to version 3.1 (2008-12-24)! Changes: few UI and code optimizations. Updated to version 3 (2008-08-31)! Changes: Threshold control is re-designed to
  23. Very nice job, barkbark! I will bookmark your tips. But I think the person's chin shines too bright on the result image, it needs to be toned down a bit.
  24. Try "Surface Blur" from Ed Harvey's plugin pack: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=4367 That should smooth even areas while preserving sharp edges.
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