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  1. I'm looking for a technique, to separate an object in an image, from its background.
  2. How about adding the option to import the undo history to the scriptlab. So if you didn't something nice, you can simply import the undo history and save it as a script.
  3. Hi, Is there a technic or plugin i can use, that will allow me to select a color that is scattered all over the image, for instance, inside of letters etc'? For example, if i have a one layer image that contain a lot of text, and i want to remove the background color leaving only the text. I can use magic wand to select the background and delete it, but how can i also select all the places that contain the background color' like inside of letters (O,B,D,Q,0,9,8,6,4)? is there a technic i can use? Thanks