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  1. That is very encouraging. Now that they killed my appetite, yesterday was a light day. The only thing I tried to do, was to watermark a jpg file, with layers. I did not save anything, since I couldn't see the watermark I was trying to make. When I clicked "Do Not Save...", the screen flashed a bit. I'm thinking the changes occur, at that point. Not sure, really. Not sure about all the previous times that the attributes change. Yesterday was easier to remember, because I wasn't really doing much. I hope this helps. Thank you, Simon.
  2. I'll be back in a couple of hours. Thanks for your interest is this.
  3. I'll go to dinner, in a minute. The changes are all random. I haven't studied all the folders that change, and all that do not change. Most of them contain a mixture of file types: internet short cuts, text files, pdf files, various picture types, sometime exe and dll's.
  4. I've been confused, for a while. Yesterday, I was doing nothing with the system, other than surfing. I did no downloads, updates, nothing. After I edited a picture, I noticed the changes, and could not see anything else, that would cause it. Edit. Going to dinner. Back, after they kill my appetite...
  5. The UAC is off. I'm not sure about the other file system setting. The random changes don't make any sense. If it were a setting, it seems it would affect all folders, I would think...
  6. Windows Vistaâ„¢ Home Premium. Version 3.36, I think. PDN is set to check for updates, automatically. Sounds like a unique problem. I just discovered that the View will flip. If the folder is an Icon View, it will flip to detail, or list. If the folder is Detail, it will flip to Icon. I'm confused...
  7. Which folders are we talking about? The folders that change seem to be random. The view also changes from Detail to Icon. I haven't noticed any particular pattern. It took me a while to discover that it was PDN making the changes. This is on a Dell Laptop 1521. 2 ea. AMD K8 Processor, AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-58 ACPI x86-based PC, ATI Radeon X1270
  8. How can I prevent PDN from changing folder attributes? PDN seems to change the Folder attributes, on some - but not all folders. I thought it was a quirk of Vista. I set the attributes of the folders I use most often, and a few others. I set the colums: Sort, Name, size, type & date. Then, I set the column width. After using PDN, some folders - but not all, return to the default settings. I didn't find this question. Please let me know if it is answered somewhere. This is Candy and that is a pipe layer. I don't know who the other guy is. There was some question about the weight
  9. Tanel, I deleted some photos once, and regretted it. It took 4 years for me to get back to that spot, to get them, again. Many times, it is a one-time chance to get a shot. Often, it is a one-of-a kind shot, as well. And, at highway speeds in a big truck, there is no time to plan the shot. I learned about that date stamp, several months ago. It ain't thar' no more. Thank you for that sequence list. That is now in a text file. Crazy Man Dan, I scanned your post, and almost closed the browser. I put your entire post in a text file, as well. I'm collecting a lot of text files, these da
  10. Tanel, I don't often have much of a choice. Many of the shots I get, I get at highway speeds, in all kinds of weather. I have to point and shoot, or miss the shot. Also, I'm 75 feet long, and can approach 110,000 pounds, at times. Thanks, Ash. I saw a comment, somewhere, that mentioned a consisitent work flow, which suggested the need for a sequence. Likely I just didn't understand what he was saying. Crazy Man Dan: You da Man. That is exactly what I was trying to figure out. I should have asked sooner, but I figured you could read my mind... GREYCstoration Wrapper Beta* - Aniso
  11. Is there a work flow sequence that should be followed, to fix Photo defects? Am I expecting too much, from PDN? I found some stock photo sites, and have a few pictures posted: http://www.featurepics.com/index320196.aspx Sometimes, a photo is rejected for haze, soft focus or strong digital noise. I can get some good shots, but dirty pictures, because of a dirty windshield or bad light. Two of the three pictures below, were rejected. I have some VicMan software (Russian), to adjusts for color and noise, but this is not enough to clean up some of the problems (for my skill set). What is t
  12. You're never out of line speaking your mind and proposing a valid suggestion, as long as your mind isn't filled with profanity. :wink: I agree, profanity is not cool. I don't cook, but Golden Corral has cookies.
  13. How about a Newbies forum, Un-moderated. Post a single sticky with an admonition that this is not a moderated forum, and is a place where newbies can help each other. It could include pertinent links, with a brief description for each link. Someone will likely be more helpful than all the rest, and could become more or less a defacto moderator, and call for help, if needed. Those with a little know-how, could lead those with no know-how, and allow a shorter learning curve for all. In fact, those with a little know how, might end up learning from those that they helped along the way, since
  14. Thank you, all, for the warm welcome. I'm in the help files, now... Just looked at layers and tinkered a bit with the magic wand. That thing scared me, a couple of days ago. I'll be looking and lurking and learning. Thanks, again.
  15. If I'm not welcome here, I will understand. I've been lurking, a good bit. But, if you could, please point me in the right direction. As background, I am fairly literate on computers, given that I am a trucker. I was about to get Gimp, until I discovered that I already had PDN. I have a Canon A550 point and shoot, and can often get one of a kind photo shots. But, I have no time to set anything up. I have to point and shoot, or miss the shot. I want to fix the noise and defects that I often get. Sometimes, it includes shooting through a dirty windshield, but I would like to be able to
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