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  1. Yes it is... I somehow feel that the planet exploding is so big behind the character that it is going to get him into the explosion... May be you could make the size of the planet smaller to give a feel that he is born out of it... just my silly thought...
  2. I always liked the reflecting spikes effect in Pyrochild's signature image. Finally I have something close to it (AFAIK).
  3. Thanks MadJik for your comment Hey your new creation is amazing... I feel like entering a maze full of glass and light affects... Really interesting stuff...
  4. How is my new signature? I know it is very simple but it is my first ever forum signature
  5. That is a great news !! Thanks Rick for announcing this.
  6. First, let me thank you for suggesting the work around solution. Everyone here knows that PdN is for free and is a result of huge development effort by some committed developers. But, that does not mean it has to stop where it is and expect its users to do anything with what is available only. Better remember that being a user of PdN, even I feel happy and proud when PdN becomes one of the most wanted programs on planet earth. I tried to be as soft spoken as possible. Sorry for any harsh tone you may feel.
  7. I feel that using Dodge & Burn as layer blending modes is not as convenient as using Dodge/Burn/Smudge tools in Photoshop. Are we looking forward for such functionality in PdN OR am I missing to see some hidden stuff? I am new to photo editing (as a hobby) and evaluating all the software I can for my comfort level. So do not take me wrong when I say something in support of some other photo editing tool. Thanks in advance - Pranav.
  8. This is great... Thanks for your contribution to PdN.
  9. My search for "free photo editing software" on google gave me this result which introduced me to Paint.Net along with others like PhotoPlus and Pixia. ... otoedw.htm Interestingly, when I do the same search on Google now, the first result itself is leading to the official PdN site...
  10. Thanks for your comment. Could you please let me know the steps need to be followed to make it as if the shadow was never there. I am ready to invest my free time to try it out. thanks in advance.
  11. Sorry, I have to disagree!! PDN is one of the easiest and user friendly image editing software out there. and it IS powerful enough to do such work. I am not against PdN. But, wanted to know its true capabilities. Since I have this requirement, I wanted to use it for testing.
  12. Thanks to all for your suggestions and help. I feel that PdN is not a good choice for such work yet.
  13. I am struggling to get rid of the shadow on the face in the attched pic. can someone help me do that in Paint.Net and explain how to achieve it. thanks in advance.