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  1. Makes a triangular gradient in selection (or on the full image when nothing is selected) from primary to secondary color (including alpha). Here is the (quite simple) CodeLab source: I did this because I needed it but you still may tell me what you think about it. I use PdN 3.36 and have no clue what the recent version of PdN will say about that dll. If it doesn't work, just use codelab (if that still exists, don't know, was not here for quite a while) TriangularGradient.zip
  2. Enormator

    The Ctrl+V Game

  3. Enormator


    You get it but for it being so unbreakable it is too heavy to take with you I wish that there is a blue smiley in this forum
  4. Enormator

    Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    It's a bg for a game, so pls don't say it's too empty or something ;-)
  5. Enormator

    Saddest thing you can think of?

    Yeah. Why do we try to get sad? Maybe if we are sad sometimes, is it easier to be happy later because of biochemical reactions in the human body? It's strange anyways^^
  6. Enormator

    Saddest thing you can think of?

    A very sad song by Korn: http://www.myvideo.de/watch/3611207/Korn_Evolution nearly made me cry
  7. Enormator

    Picture Add On Game!

    Alpha Mask -> Gravity (alpha 50) -> over a black background note: I could not download Phyxius image, so I took the last one before him and redid his step following his instructions.
  8. Enormator

    invert around primary color

    I already got helped with it in the Plugin Developer Central but I'm in the mid of my degree tests right now, so probably there won't be anything done until next week. I think at the moment this plugin is just too simple to have serious bugs. It's made with codelab and not very complicated. Thank you all for the feedback
  9. Enormator

    What if Google or Mozilla made an OS?

    I think many Mozilla developers like Linux. So they would definitely make a Linux Distro as an OS. This means, that PdN will not run, which leads to you all still having a Windows partition. Furthermore, I don't think it very likely, that Mozilla will make an OS because they're just big enough to make the best browser, compatible to all OSes, but making an OS would be a too great effort for them, I think, and besides it would then only be yet another Linux distro. Google... I like Google because they do so many things for us Users, but I don't trust them enough to use a closed source OS from them. I also use Microsoft OSes only for uncritical applications. I would never do stuff like Online Banking on a closed-source-OS. Google knows quite enough about me because I use their mail (because it is far the best out there). For searching I use Ixquick. They got the European Privacy Seal because they don't store any information from you, not even your IP address. Anyone knows another good EMailprovider? (free, lots of space, no too distracting ads)
  10. Enormator

    Picture Add On Game!

    duplicated layer, flipped top layer vertically, merged with multiply
  11. Enormator

    Picture Add On Game!

    inverted colors around rgb(87,163,204)
  12. Enormator

    Disable multithreaded rendering.

    You can get all the rects of the selection via Rectangle[] selectionScans = this.EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds).GetRegionScansInt(); To access every selected pixel I would then have to write a triple loop like this? for (int i = 0; i < selectionScans.size(); i++) { for (int y = selectionScans[i].Top; y < selectionScans[i].Bottom; y++) { for (int x = selectionScans[i].Left; x < selectionScans[i].Right; x++) { //add this pixel to the arithmetic mean calculation } } } and to access ie the red value of a pixel would I then use this? selectionScans[i][x,y].R
  13. Enormator

    Disable multithreaded rendering.

    What are the edges of the entire image? "rect" is only a small part of the image, isn't it? Couldn't it happen, that the second rendering thread tries to read the color before it the first is ready with calculating it? I could set a flag for being ready, but how do I wait for the flag? Like this? while(!ready){}
  14. Enormator

    Disable multithreaded rendering.

    I have the same problem but I'm using Codelab. For this plugin I want to first calculate the middle color and then start processing on the image in a multithreaded way with all threads using the precalculated color. (The middle color should be the arithmetic middle of all pixels) Do I have a chance?
  15. Enormator

    invert around primary color

    You are not misunderstanding anything as it seems. I'm working on it EDIT: This seems to be more difficult than I thought (maybe even impossible) due to the multithreaded rendering architecture of PdN. Would it also be a good thing to have a color wheel where you can select a color and see how it looks like? EDIT2: color wheel added in v1.1