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  1. It's a bg for a game, so pls don't say it's too empty or something ;-)
  2. I think it's not normal although I have the same soud effects since I have been.... since quite a while and I'm 18 now. This is my 256th post! From now on you need at least 2 Bytes to count my posts :twisted: MUAHAHAHA
  3. 1. :Clouds: clouds at default setting 2. :Emboss: emboss at -45 degree 3. reduce the canvas size by 2 pixels in width and height (with positioning setting to center) to remove the border
  4. OMFG! This is sooo impressive! Ultra-Aweseome! The best tutorial, I've ever seen (except for my own ones )
  5. I like the "chemical excuse" theory and accept being "weird" I don't know yet what I'm living for and I probably won't find out soon. So I wish some wisdom for me... oooops wrong thread -> corrupt-a-wish
  6. I don't know what love is. Can you tell me? (Wikipedia wasn't very helpful)
  7. I don't need any version of Photoshop
  8. You must unlock the puzzle of the crystal tar. Hey I'm serious. I can't make this work.
  9. You can have Paint MONO there, which is actually a Paint.NET clone. By the way is Paint MONO still work in progress or is the project dead? Why is there in my user control panel in the avatar section a notification that "The avatar functionality is currently disabled."? You all have avatars why can't I have one?
  10. Did you already know that it is not very interesting to browse this forum with a TEXT-ONLY-BROWSER? But As you can see, you can read and post with it. Gr8!
  11. If now you can make it also do actions (with tools like the text tool) for you, you are my hero! A while ago I created a font and I had to type every single letter into a single pic and always do the same effects to it again and again. (A font for Blobby Volley) Link to the font: http://blobby.redio.de/forum/showthread.php?tid=139&pid=983#pid983
  12. all kinds of Metal heavy metal, white metal, speed metal, trash metal... bands: Manowar, ACDC, Korn, Heavenly, TestAmenT... favourite song: "evil" - Heavenly
  13. My photo... ...is also available on my website.
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