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  1. Sorry, I know it was confusing. But here's what I've done and what I need to do. I've created two layers, blur the one while leaving the other clear. I have the blurred on top and use the erase to get rid of the blurred object, leaving only the crisp image below. My problem is that the edges of the erase tool are too sharp and the gradient isn't specific enough. Is there a way to use a tool like the erase, but without the sharp edges. utilizing control of the erase tool, but allows for blending out/feathering the edges vs. sharp edges. Thanks for the patience... -Jer'
  2. Hey, I'm sure that this has been asked but I tried looking and couldn't find it. How can I make a specific object in a picture remain focused while bluring the background without having a definate line? So basically I need the transition to be suttle, but more specific placement then the preset shapes that the gradient tool allows me to use. I've use the gradient tool and am semi-familiar with it. Jus need more detailed transitions while still being suttle. Thanks -Jer'