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  1. Miniature of a portrait of Capt. Carol Danvers I made back in March, all PdN:
  2. Greetings on your special day, @lifeday!
  3. Very happy birthday, @nitenurse79 🎈 😊 I remember you're a great artist and hope you can get back to posting some day soon 💖
  4. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'll be back as soon as my current mood swings allow me 💖
  5. Hope you had a nice birthday, dear lynxster Wishing you the best for the new year ahead 💖
  6. Thank you, Seerose I've been trying to come back, but it's very difficult because I have many family problems. My mom had an accident some time ago and broke an arm. After 4 months in a plaster, the bone hasn't healed by itself, so she'll need surgery, and she's very afraid about it . My plate is full with this and other problems 😞
  7. Hope you're having a very nice day, dear friend @Seerose!
  8. 100% PdN as well. All shapes originated from the same isometric cuboid (except the wee amount of grass at the bottom)
  9. 100% PdN, departing from a lady's picture so as to create a hollow outline
  10. And she always wanted a buckskin horse, And though life can push a dream aside, Within the ranges of the heart, There are miles and miles to ride...
  11. It works in 4.0.21 I'd rephrase this by saying it does what one needs, and more
  12. I salute all participants. All entries look craftily done, each in their own way