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  1. I salute all participants. All entries look craftily done, each in their own way
  2. Spectacular!! I feel the second looks peculiarly mysterious 😊
  3. Enticingly obscure and somewhat scary in a positive way! Reminds me a bit of the movie The Nun
  4. Stephen King has a son named Joe. I'm not joking... but he is
  5. I also had planned to do a werewolf-themed entry, but finally didn't have the time to put on it. I hope I'll get to it sometime in future
  6. All entries have been very well achieved and pleasant to contemplate Greetings to fellow winners, and many thanks to everyone involved, much especially to those who voted for my pieces
  7. BoltBait's post above led me to revisit my bookmarked Skid Row videos, which sadly led me to realize they have vanished for good Fortunately, someone else appears to have reuploaded them. Phew!
  8. Too true. Many times one can find new things in the classics. A bit strange, like all things art, yet it does happen
  9. Very glad you liked it! One more illusion on stairs, graffiti stairs this time:
  10. Really pleasant to look at!! All of it!!
  11. Pansies are so striking! Very nicely done!!
  12. The scene was created entirely in PdN. The ship is a clipart on which I modified colors and played with blend modes:
  13. I took a couple cliparts of a Boeing 747 and a Boeing 787 and played with colors. The scenery itself was done completely in PdN:
  14. Very welcome! Always glad to be of service!
  15. Fond greetings to everyone involved in this contest and fond thanks to voters who have supported my art
  16. I've just watched A Quiet Place and found it pleasingly appealing. I'm going to give it a 9/10 (I would have liked to have been informed of where the evil creatures come from, but I won't complain much about it. I assume they may be zombie aliens of some kind, just maybe )
  17. A pun enters a room and kills ten people. Pun in, ten dead