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  1. The Aardvark plugin is a masterpiece. I know well because I've used it a number of times and it never disappoints
  2. That is too funny! We should probably have a contest on shaving tools
  3. Wikimedia Commons features the RAAF roundel in various sizes (PNGs), plus the original SVG file (hope it helps). If you ever happen to need another roundel, either Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons is very likely to have it since nowadays there are wiki pages for pretty much every air force in the world.
  4. Greetings to everyone and many congrats to the winners, and special thanks to those who voted for my entries
  5. Horribly tragic news 😞 I didn't get to have a lot of interactions with Woodsy, but I always found myself astonished by the quality of his wooden textures and the advanced artworks in which he used them. No doubt a person made of good wood. So sad he's suffered so much. Hopefully he is finally at peace now 😔
  6. Miniature of a portrait of Capt. Carol Danvers I made back in March, all PdN:
  7. Greetings on your special day, @lifeday!
  8. Very happy birthday, @nitenurse79 🎈 😊 I remember you're a great artist and hope you can get back to posting some day soon 💖
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'll be back as soon as my current mood swings allow me 💖
  10. Hope you had a nice birthday, dear lynxster Wishing you the best for the new year ahead 💖