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  1. Performing A Sky Swap

    Forgive me if this has been posted and I didn't see it. Even though performing a sky swap like this is easy I was scouring the web trying to find out how to do it in paint.net. And it's just such a pain sometimes when your photo is beautifully exposed for your subjects and your sky gets blown out. Or maybe the sky was grey that day. Either way, you can fix it. NOTE: This technique creates subtler skies. First you must find a sky to use. There are several free ones here: https://www.facebook.com/dsiskphotography/app/128953167177144/ Just go to where it says More --> Freebies. Otherwise find a sky photo elsewhere or use your own. 1) Open your image in which you wish to swap the sky. 2) Find and open a suitable sky image which "matches" your photo. 3) Paste sky into new layer in multiply mode, set layer opacity to around 240. Adjust the sky and the position of the clouds to your taste. 4) Use a transparent gradient to blend in the new sky just below the horizon line. If you have a very straight horizon line you may skip step 4. Simply crop your sky at the horizon line. 5) Set eraser to 200 width and 27 hardness. Erase the parts of the sky which are covering and creating a haze over objects/subjects in the foreground. And you're done!
  2. Deleting Custom Brushes

    I understand this process. Once the custom brushes app opens up and you select your brush, you have the option to use either Mask or Colour. Colour mode gives you the actual object you used as a custom brush, Mask mode lets you choose the colour, but you loose the detail in your brush (if thats what you want to do) See the screenshot below, I'm sure this is what you mean. Edited by nitenurse79, Today, 04:32 AM. Yes, exactly. If I wanted Unrecognizable splotches I could use the regular paint brush.
  3. Deleting Custom Brushes

    lol that would work, I guess I just want it as a stamping tool sort of, to stamp lots of fully coloured objects in a row, yep sounds about right.
  4. Deleting Custom Brushes

    I made this seamonster/dragon using a custom brush, I know it sucks, but I'm working on it.
  5. Deleting Custom Brushes

    I like winking And I'm sorry I didn't clarify, I meant you only get one colour at a time, i.e. you get a red rose, but you can't choose to make the stem green, or you get a green vine, but you can't add shades of yellow, unless you do it manually afterwards.
  6. Deleting Custom Brushes

    With the color wheel you only get one color, when you find your own images to use and delete the background, save them as .png and add them to custom brushes you get FULL COLOUR multi-coloured custom brushes
  7. Deleting Custom Brushes

    Oh and btw,I didn't want them solid colored, if you find your own images in full color (for instance a rose) remove the background and save as a png you get FULL COLOR multi-colored custom brushes
  8. Deleting Custom Brushes

    Thankyou!! I have the power now
  9. Deleting Custom Brushes

    Well, the thing is, I still want custom brushes, just not my current ones, they're all in black and white I did remove the .dll and all the custom brushes (along with the plugin) were gone, which was perfect. but when I put the plugin back in after restarting the program all the same brushes were back I guess I'm just stuck with them
  10. Deleting Custom Brushes

    Ahhhhh I feel like such a noob haven't felt this way in a while. So, I actually don't have a folder entitled User Files - I checked, thoroughly. I'm thinking perhaps I just ought to remove the custom brushes mini plugin from the paint.net and I'll get rid of all my custom brushes that way? i don't want to cause the program to lock up
  11. Deleting Custom Brushes

    The thing is, I did delete the .png's from the effect folder, but I installed them in Paint.NET to use them before, so I'm thinking there must be some way to uninstall them??? Thanks, btw
  12. Hi, I've been trying to delete some of my custom brushes because I really don't care for them that much, but I haven't been able to figure out how
  13. Make your photo vibrant!

    I just tried that as well, and you're right, the results are similar, but I noticed some differences. 1. When you do the overlay effect some parts of the picture are more saturated (then my way) and some are less saturated, giving it a bit of an unbalanced look. 2. The image isn't as clear. (which could be achieved by adjusting the sharpness but then you're back to more steps again) 3.It still looks very 2-D with a kind of gray, filmy covering over it, not allowing the objects in the picture to present themselves individually. Thanks for the idea though. If you follow the link the picture on the left was done using the overlay mode, and the one on the right, using my method. http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh541/Hannah_Vlasblom/beforeandafter1.jpg But even just doing the overlay does make a big difference, but doesn't give quite the same results.
  14. Popping out of a picture

    I know this is really old, BUT I just had to show what I made!! ^_^ It's Katniss! http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh541/Hannah_Vlasblom/Katniss1.jpg
  15. Make your photo vibrant!

    Glad you like.