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  1. @iron67 Thank you for the answer. However you wrote "this question is indeed necessary". I don't agree in general. Why not letting users decide whether this question is necessary or not. Just add an option if the user wants to be asked or not. Is there an official FeatureRequest tracker? Peter
  2. Is it somehow possible to assign new key combinations to menu function. In order to have the "usual" key combination resp. to keep the key combinations from other popular picture editors I would prefer to re-adjust them in Paint.Net. Just one example: I want to assign SHIFT+R for "Crop to selection" If this is currently NOT possible: Can this feature be implemented in the next release? Thank you Peter
  3. Ok, thank you. BUT how do I add "Resize" icon to toolbar for example? or Hue/Saturation? Peter
  4. When I open a new installed Paint.NET then I have two area with tool icons: The toolbar and the toolbox. Can I somehow merge them? I would appreciate it really if I could have ONE toolbar with all the toolbox icons? Even more: It would be good to make the toolbar (and toolbox) customizable. Is this possible or can this be implemented in the next release? Peter
  5. If I drag a picture from WiNExplorer I am always prompted if I want to open it as a new picture or a new layer. How can I tell Paint.net to ALWAYS AUTOMATICALLY open it as a new picture and don't aks me any more in the future? Peter
  6. As I noticed the current version v4.0.9 need installed .NET v4.6 I don't want to install v4.6 resp. have only a computer with v4.5.2 which does not allow to install v4.6 Which is the latest Paint.net version which need sonly v4.5.2 and how do I download this (old) version? Peter
  7. Ok. As I found out Paint.dot writes the change win pos + size into registry but does NOT read it later (at next restart). I think this is a bug. Possibly its because I start Paint.Net here from USB flash drive. it seems to me that Paint.Net does not recognize succesfully that there already exist some preferences in registry. Paint.Net should not only check if it is installed but if there are some usable preferences in registry. Peter
  8. I am usnig paint.net v4.0.5 under 64bit Win 7. @Ego Eram Winner: Yes, the 4 default positions are as you told me. When I resize the main window the sub windows follow. But this has nothing to do with the fact that Paint.Net does not remember size and position of main window. Where should Paint.NET store the current pos+size? In Registry or preference file?
  9. When I start PDN then I always have to adjust the window size and position of the main windows (and sub-panes). This is annoying. Is there a way to tell PDN to automatically remember this information at exit and to use them at next startup? Peter
  10. I installeed Paint.net v4.0.5 on my USB flash drive. When I start it on another computer a warning popup appears: "Paint.net has detected that some instalaltion files are msssing. If you click the Repair buton it will attempt to repair this and continue loading. The missing files are: Micrososft Visual C++ Runtime" "Repair" click does not solve the problem. Yes, .NET v4.5 is already installed on the computer. So excatly which runtime is missing? Can I install it separately? I prefer not to install Paint.net explictely on every computer I use it. Instead I want to use it from USB flash drive. Thank you Peter
  11. As far as I can see there is only a Paint.NET version WITH INSTALLER. As you know more and more software companies offer an portable version WITHOUT INSTALLER. Just a zip file which needs to be extracted. Is there such a version of Paint.net? If not are there plans to offer such a version? Thank you Peter Steiner
  12. The last question was about integrating a WHOLE tool pane into the toolbar. The current thread is about CHANGING parts of the already integrated "main" toolbar
  13. Is there a way to adjust the "main" toolbar at the top? I want remove certain icons (like "Display grid when zoomed in") and add others (like show "Colors" pane).
  14. Assume I loaded a picture into Paint.NET. Now I selected a part of it with rectangle selection tool. How can I move this rectangle INCLUDING the content (!) inside the current picture? This should somehow possible without explicte cut/copy and paste- Paint-Shop Pro for example offers such a feature by default. Peter
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