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  1. Textured Wood

    Thanks WB but I meant like when you do them. It says click & I click & it takes me there.
  2. Textured Wood

    Ok, let me know if this works please? I have attached the .dll for the Dents Classic. EdHarvey.Effects.Archives.DentsClassic.dll
  3. Textured Wood

    Oh dear. Yes, so true. What a shame. @Ego Eram Reputo next step? I mean I have it but we cannot publish it without permission.
  4. Textured Wood

    I really need to re-learn how to do links! Dents Classic can be found here.
  5. Congratulations @Pixey Well done @MadJik & @MJW Super entries & a great theme. Thnak you for hosting @toe_head2001
  6. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Tone Gradient Angle Text**

    It sire does look embroidered. Nice work
  7. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Tone Gradient Angle Text**

    PB won't load the image for me. Which is a shame because it looks like a great piece.
  8. The lily & the ship! Just WOW! Always beautiful work.
  9. Forum Layout/Color

    Serves me right for being absent
  10. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Aston Martin

    @AndrewDavid Tutes are a fabulous tool for helping us to learn & you did the Aston Martin justice.
  11. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**Tone Gradient Angle Text**

    @lynxster4 super TGA examples! Very much liking the gemstone texts.
  12. LOvely new images & I saw chocolate too! The text image is really super shiny. Well done!
  13. SOTW#170 - Winners - Birds

    So many excellent entries. Congratulations @Pixey @MadJik & @Woodsy Well done @MJW & @Maximilian Thank you for hosting duties @Pixey
  14. Barbieq25 Gallery - 22 July New Wallpaper p.1

    Double post! New artwork. Maples in Utopia. Our friend Harry lives on the shores of Lake Utopia. If I went to visit him we'd be having waffles & maple syrup - the real stuff The leaves are stock The water drops is based on the tute by @MadJik. Part of the circles is based on the Bokeh Effect tute by Welshblue.
  15. Forum Layout/Color

    I didn't know we had a choice & I like the Goodnight Nurse theme. Sure could be better contrast with some things but overall I find it easier to navigate than the default. Thanks @IRON67