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  1. @LionsDragon, I rescued one on the weekend. THey said he was flighty & bitey. They called HIM Lucille! I'd probably bite too. He is a sweet boy who needed medication for a respiratory infection. Now settling nicely & we have called him Felix. He is my 5th boy & I have 7 girls I miss doing my art too & hope to get back to doing some soon. Keep up the lovely work!
  2. Great entries for the spanner. If we are being pedantic about the "fixed size" then we should not be allowing adjustable wrenches (shifters in Australia) & the spanners are combination - that is open ended/ring spanner. Just to throw a spanner in the works.
  3. Yarn, garden, rats & art. I barely fit work & hubyy in, though I have not done any art for a while now Brilliant image. Well done!
  4. Bitter sweet Lynxster. New Grandbaby is lovely. The passing of your dad is really sad. Hugs to you because there really are no words.
  5. Impressive works! Nice to see you here. Orbs are awesome & S3D is still an awesome plugin.
  6. Another lovely bottle from you. Really lovely!
  7. Congratulations Pixey & all the winners. Thank you BoltBait for hosting the awards yet again.
  8. Lovely photomanipulations! You really have so much creative imagination. Fabulous additions
  9. Fabulous work Pixey! I do like your version very much better. Outstanding work!
  10. Yep, sawdust adds to the image as a whole.
  11. Very clever!
  12. Love the animation. Jawdropping! Well done not only on the smooth as silk animation but the lovely wood too. I know people frown on it but I do love plywood.
  13. I am so happy to hear that you & your partner are safe. I hope the recovery is rapid. It is going to take some time to rebuild.
  14. Hoping that EER & anyone else in New Zealand is safe! Must have been a doozy! Apparently even the emergency phone numbers have been affected.
  15. Lovely new works on the stained glass. Always a pleasure to view.