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  1. I'm not an expert in the creating of websites. Near me my friend sits, he isn't registered on this website and he get the same message, as you. We both have different providers. I propose in the first post to place the attachment zip-file instead of specifying the link to it. I hope it will correct a situation. P.S. Zip files are still available to me from both sources. P.P.S. Yes, the file isn't load from FireFox unlike the Opera or Yandex browsers. When I have executed 'Sign In' in FireFox, the both zip-files became available for download for me.
  2. This is strange. The file is loaded for me.
  3. I had this message some time ago too, but the link in the first post is already working for a long time.
  4. ingwer's video is rather clear without knowledge of language - that's wonderful.
  5. CodeLab 2.19 in Russian You can find the new version of CodeLab in Russian here. Вы можете найти новую версию CodeLab на русском языке здесь.
  6. I am admire by you.
  7. You are welcome, Pixey.
  8. Pixey, below archive with the file EdHarveyEffectsEgregious
  9. I have just tried it. That's wonderful! Thank you, toe_head2001!
  10. Thank you Red ochre. I have forgotten about opacity.
  11. When I open an image and increases the size of the canvas, a field around the image is filled with white. Is it right? I expected the field around the image must be transparent.
  12. The original work, Maximilian. Thank you.
  13. I have added to the first post one more method of creation a portrait in the Pop Art style. Try this method with the presets from Pop_Art package.