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    A little bit of nostaglia....inspired by recent finds when doing some early 'spring cleaning'. Bless childhood memories!! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!
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    I don't know exactly if there will be more than this first picture, but maybe it's still working. At the moment I'm really not so for new creations, but now and again I get fancy for gimmicks with PDN.
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    Dear MJW! Which of these three pictures is the right one? Thanks in advance for your reply! *Without hexagonal grid ..
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    @Seerose That is one of the must-have songs in my playlist along with other Archies songs. Just listening to another 60's tune. ♫♫
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    Here's a new one from today - just finished. Maybe its not family-friendly enough. In this case please forgive me and delete the posting.
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    Okay ... just found another one from last december. Not really technically or artistic sophisticated. Rather has a private meaning.
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    I think it's important to highlight the relevance of an assisting plugin, such as the hexagonal grid, in order to be able to determine areas of different colors in an image that can be averaged by this plugin. What I did in my example above is select inside the cells of the grid with the magic wand in global mode, which causes all cells to be selected and of course separated by transparent areas which correspond with the framing of the grid. Then I duplicate the layer containing the flowers image, make it the active layer, and run Average Object Color (which will actually run on all cells selected with the aid of the hexagonal grid by averaging the colors constrained within each cell-shaped selection). In this way the flowers acquire a mosaic-like appearance. After that I played with the colors with the Pastel effect, and also played around with blend modes and with the hexagonal grid itself. I hope I'm not talking nonsense. Just trying to help those in confusion.
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    A very interesting Plugin @MJW and thank you. I'm not sure, however, that I am using it correctly? I can only get it to work if I duplicate the image and change the mode of tht layer after using the plugin. However, am getting some lovely colors with it and I played around to get these:
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    I notice most current entries don't adhere to the rules of no labels and no background. Though I have no problem with the "no labels" rule, I wonder if the "no background" should be modified for this particular topic to allow a colored background or perhaps a simple gradient. Baseballs are close to white, so they might not be best displayed against the white background that results when the background is transparent. (Though, as the Wikipedia baseball picture illustrates, with the right shading, a baseball against a white background can still be effective.) (Also, a gentle reminder to dipstick: As attractive as the Blender-rendered baseball may be, Blender is not 100% PDN.)
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    Thank you, @MJW. This could be very useful!
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    100% PDN with Texture Merger & free form painting.
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    Second (and a half) try with minor changes (after reading the discussion I removed the background)
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    Just cause I'm bored........
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    And because I just have nothing better to do and have come to the taste ... This time the stars in background are from a real Hubble image. The two Jets from the centre of the galaxy are made by the plugin "Slinky", then unsharped (Trueblur) and again with Local Noise - one above and one behind the galaxy.
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    A little bit late, but here's my version... To make it more like real stars, I have edited a three-armed piece of Mandelbrot-image with local noise, more contrast and some color- and satuaration changes in 3 layers with different zoom and rotation. The background is made by Random Fill (circles only, size 1px) and Star Glow.
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    And for all you dolphin lovers out there Made the border clean for framing
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    Thank you very much for the updated code and elaborated explanations, MJW. I compiled without any problem and made a little first test: