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Icon, Cursor, and Animated Cursor Format v3.7 (May 2010)


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Just checked my plugins, and I think it is 'IcoCur.dll' that I was meaning. Gives more options than the 'IconCreator' - thanks for checking, though, as I was very unsure



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@BDP Yes, you are correct. There are more options in evanolds icon file-type. It also does a merged format so all sizes are in the .ico file.

I only pointed out Kyle's icon creator because it also saves at 256x256, though they are single .ico files.


evanolds: 01_evanolds_icons.png     Kyle's:  02_KyleTTucker_iconcreator.png


Both save at 128x128, so @Klutz must make sure he/she has the latest copy of evanolds, which is here:  https://github.com/foxx1337/IcoCur/releases/tag/v7.0   It's possible he/she doesn't because they are asking for 128x128.

@foxx1337 kindly recompiled it to work in later versions. It still works as does Kyle's.



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@Klutz I think the maximum cursor size Windows allows is 32x32, so that in the plugin will never change.

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