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Topezia's gallery 5/26/08: More stuff added to logo room


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Hi, thanks for dropping by …May I offer you peaches and eggs :D ? Please have a sit (on the floor, for the moment I am not able to create chairs in PDN … :D!)

Any suggestion is most welcome, I need to improve…

First of all thanks to all of you: tutorials creators, fellows apprentices, the most and the least experienced cause each one of us contribute with his skills, originality and artistic sense to make this creative imaginific engine going and most of all thanks to Paint.net creators for giving us this wonderful tool of learning (pause to drink a sip of water and receive the ovation from a breathless audience….)

I'll add my new images here from now on : (edited one-hundred times trying to fix images in rows of 3 :shock:)



De Chirico? ________________Every cockroach is a beauty____Coils in gold

Here are some pictures of a cave that thanks to the help of Madjik the magician looks now much more realistic without the flaws of my first try:


Here some images I made for contests (photo-manipulation and free-hand drawing)


Here some recent “paintings”(forgot to quote that the cat in the image is a kind donation from Janettsue custom brushes and was hand-drawn by her daughter):








Some “objects”:

th_formeinorobraccialeecilindroconsfon.png____ th_serpentedivetropngversione2.png____

Some images I made for various tutorials I followed:




th_matitoni.png____ th_delay100.gif____

And a big big big thanks all in block capital letters to Pretty Darn Neat that with a lot of patience taught me how to put thumbnails side by side (I love him) :D

And an other big big thanks to Expiration who taught me how to make the clickable thumbnails :wink: :D:D

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I'm not sure what you mean by "remix," but to link a thumbnail to the full size image (if you're using Photobucket) is:

Call me expired. Please.


Don't go counting your chickens before the pack of rabid ravaging foxes attacks. -Sozo
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OK, finally got it going on!

There are several I really like, the cave of course I arleady told you that. But the freaked-out smilie, that is so cool with those eyes, they really grab you. The little mowhawk helps to set the attitude as well.

The calm, misty lake I think is my favorite. It's beautiful. I like the way you have the viewer looking "through" the mist rather than just a mist hanging low over the water. Good choice and good mix, not too heavy or obscurring, just enough.

I like the animations, but personally I would re-do the "Happy Holidays" to show more of the other sides.

Thanks for the tea and the viewing. And no, it wasn't me that spilled the cup of tea over there.

see ya.

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Kerry & Pretty Darn & Marc :D Thanks I love compliments :D !

Pretty Darn: You're right but no I am not going to re-do the box ...it took me ages to make it I don't even remember how many layers and rotations they were but they were a lot :shock: :D

Thanks for paying me a visit, leave the door open .. (I am sure no thief wants to steal my artworks :lol: )

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Moderator bump.


The Doctor: There was a goblin, or a trickster, or a warrior... A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.
Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
River Song: I hate good wizards in fairy tales; they always turn out to be him.

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I've added a picture at the top, the origin was a tut from 50cent and became bird (turkey?) after lots of effects :D

Added a w.i.p. still have to work on it, but seems to be coming out something good from the witch upthere :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Re-made the witch, she is giving me lots of troubles, it is still not the image I had in my mind, but yet (lol... now her face looks more like the face of a cat than a witch)

Edited on april 14th:

Thanks punisherjb for passing by!

I've added 5 new images even if I did not work on them much cause I was too excited to try the new plug-ins, though I think the tunnel thing and the spiral are quite cute: that droste plug-in has amazing powers!

Please passer-by (byes ? what is the plurar of passer-by :roll:) leave some comments :)

ciao ciao

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Why peaches and eggs? Cause up till now they are the only goodies I could shape with a resemblance of reality, but give me time and I'll give you candies and pastries!

I am quite happy with my gallery logo cause it is almost totally made with PDN (only exception the bats which I took from an animated gif I got in my pc files, it was only one actually and I multiplied it with lots of panelling and rotations :D ).

Let me know if you liked it,

Ciao ciao

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Thanks Janett for paying me a visit from time to time, I really appreciate it!

I was starting fo feel lonely outhere in my gallery (many visualizations but 0 comments/feedback :lol: ) I did my best to do a funny gallery's logo, (look at the poor ma'cockroach sitting on her not finished frame).

I'll do my best to make a comfy seat for your next visit :)

Ciao ciao

Edited: added a no legs chair (for the moment, legs are coming soon :wink: )

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I like them all really did a great job on them but the best one is the chair with no legs and the way you said I can't do legs yet thats was great, but the cave one is great the last one you did really injoyed it Moe..


Captain need more power. Are more PDN hehe

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Lol, 2 visitors! (I'll have to add some more lame chairs then....)

I really like coils in gold! :D They're shiny, and pretty and... *trails off* :lol:

Thanks a lot ZizOiz :D

I like them all really did a great job on them but the best one is the chair with no legs and the way you said I can't do legs yet thats was great, but the cave one is great the last one you did really injoyed it Moe..

Thank you Moeshere, glad you liked it! (and if you noticed, I've positioned my lame chair so that an imaginary guest sitting there will look like if his head is being licked by the sticking tongue of the crazy smiley :D )

Chair legs are coming, just give me the time to fight (and win my battle) with the shape-3d tool,

Ciao ciao

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You make good use of the shape 3D tool.

Nice gallery.

Some of your works I didn't care for too much

like this one.


But, there were some that I absolutely loved.

Namely this one.


My verdict: Stay away from random rainbow pieces that just use a bunch of distortion plugins. Make more Shape 3D art. Work on making your work less pixelated. Feather more. And lastly, get a deviantART if you don't already have one. Because you definitely have talent and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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Tendercrisp: Many Thanks For your kind comments and suggestions, shape 3d tool and I actually have had a conflictual relationship till now, but lately - if not close friends - we are becoming acquaintanced :) , I only wish I was not the half-< no swearing > I am in all scientific matters (an angle to me is a place where I usually bump into....) so to avoid all that time wasting in trials and errors shaping and rotating to reach the desired effect. That is why sometimes just playing around with blending modes colors and bunch of distorsions is kinda of relaxing! I do usually feather and gaussian blur a lot but only recently I have started the good habit of getting a closer look with the zoom tool while feathering/smoothing jagged edges, so I might be improving on that point. A D.A. account? May be when I'll improve a little more.Thanks again!

P.S.: Led Zeppelin are great (but Pink Floyd are greater :wink: )

A tip on your chair legs -- put them behind the chair layer -- the peg tips shouldn't be in front of the seat, in my opinion.

Just a thought,


[Thanks for your tip 007Nab but in this case that is the effect I wanted to imitate ( well,:oops: just a bit):


plus a bunch of other designers' chairs I saw

Many thanks for dropping by guys, I've really appreciated :D


Edited on May 26th :Added cardboard box (made with Oma's cardboard tut) which is supposed to be full of my older (craps) works :wink: )

Ciao ciao

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