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MiguelPereira's Gallery [Last Update 5.09.09]


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Hello... so this is my personal gallery... hm... nice 8)

I'll be posting some of my artwork made 100% with Paint.Net, and I'm still wondering if I should post 1 or 2 of my photos also edited in Paint.Net...

My main gallery is in my deviantART which you can see through Here

Some of my artwork is also displayed on dA so the thumbnail will redirect you to the respective deviation, or, if the image is not published on dA it will link you to photobucket...

Okay enough talk let's put out here some of my stuff...


The first wallpaper I made in Paint.Net, hosted at dA...


These are variations of 1 image that resulted on 3 wallpapers :D




Here is another one I made...


I made this as a wallpaper for my computer, If you want it too, download it from dA :D

Sorry but as I had no intent to publish at the time I made it, there's only 1280x800 resolution available.



One photo of mine edited on Paint.Net, I've enhanced the colors and rendered the border...


Since this one is the most favorited of my devs, i'll post it here has an example of another photo edited in PdN...


The photo that every one keeps confusing with a use of Pyro's splatter plugin



This one was a work to test the plugin Jumble [Plugin] and the out come was nice...


A work I made on Paint.Net inspired by the works of Omagrandmother :)


This is an early work, meant to play around with effects etc...


This is a x work :D it's another thing I made while trying to create PdN Fractals...


This one is a more elaborated piece and it was inspired by the work of Omagrandmother [Gallery][dA], and it was really fun to do :D


This one was made while I was in college with absolutely nothing to do. Sad thing is that I couldn't use my plugins and they only had v3.22 :D


Something I made with Pyrochild's Random Effect plugin, and with a few more tweaks :D

Man the JPEG artifacs that keep appearing kill me... The hi-res version does not have them (obviously...)!


Avatars and Signatures

First pair A/S that I made and posted here...


My most recent Avatar\Signature pair. Do you like it?


Other Stuff

This was a work to mimic glass...


This one is my first ever Paint.NET made emoticon :)


Well I hope you have enjoyed this tour through my works :D And I hope to see you wandering around here again sometime soon :)

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Hi Miguel Pereira,

All right (i.m.o.): no.1 Sea-shell and the glass mimic pictures, nice choice of colors in the one you made to play with the effects, I like the puzzle too and your photo-manipulation, Good work :D see you soon!


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