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  1. Hey Guys wow its been along time coming. Well i thought ide come back to the forums seen as iam successfully in college and doing great. Iam not sure if any of you guys remember me or what but i remember chatting a lot to Lego, Simon Brown and a few others. Anywas i just thought ide let you guys know iam back and i cant wait to get back into the swing of things. The forums looks great and some of the outragious things people have been doing with the program are amazing. P.s not sure if this is the right place but sorry in advance.
  2. Hey guys sorry i havnt been on for awhile ive had a lack of imagenation :x but iam back and ive made a dvd cover for myself as a backyard wrestler indeed i do back yard wrestling and i also am training to become one anyways here it is: Some of the writing is nonsense lol. also if anyone has the sizes and stuff to make this into a 3d dvd on PDN with the 3d render i would love you to give me them i would much appreciate it. Thanks Simple
  3. Np man i just dont like to see people getting beat down on
  4. hey Ryu dont beat down a guy because his art is differnt take it in as somethink differnt
  5. Hey jackc, here's a tip to use when cutting images out us this tut : viewtopic.php?f=15&t=4841 It helps a lot
  6. sorry man i kinda forgot how to make it its in one of majiks plugins i just carnt find it sorry to let you down guys
  7. Nice work agian man works well with the background and you used the feather tool(that gets a thumbs up ) keep it up
  8. Wow lego good job on the spiderman sigs look great also the one below works. Great colours, magnificant blurs(if blurs ) overall great work 10/10.
  9. Thanks man ill post it up soon if you want to know how to create it and at"only once" its ok man
  10. New Avy and Sig combos same method just differnt styles of eyes.
  11. Thanks man it was great to create (haha ryhme < lol) took me 30 mins i think but finding the right style of rubber design was hard for what i wanted :x .
  12. Thanks for this mike it really helped great tips well done
  13. well i dont really know what it means to be honest please tell
  14. Welcome to the froums Uneyed, wow some nice work here. Nice to see somethink a little differnt and good combonations too keep them coming
  15. Wowza! that planet looks emense lol great work keep it up
  16. Lol well "good on you"(British for well done) you really have inpressed me and for that well done P.s check out my gallery and comment on it please
  17. Thanks Doom new kinda Concept Art/cartooni "Think Twice Before Peeing"
  18. Nice work Doom iam impressed like the last one it gives you a nice computer game spacey feel keep the good work up P.s comment on my gallery links under my sig
  19. Not bad and welcome to the forums doom
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