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Photo Manipulation # 2 (Finish The Building) Congrats Pyjo

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The Photo Manipulation


The Photo Manipulation Contest is a contest where you have to make the main part of the photo stand out. The photo will be provided by a member or me. This weeks contest is to finish a building in a photo found by Madjic. The photo looks, well unfinished, thats where you come in and fix it.


1. Art must be completely done by yourself, and only Paint.NET is allowed other than the photo that I provide.

2. Art must feature main part of the photo, which I will tell you what that is.

3. The max size for the art is 1280 pixels X 960

4. Stocks are allowed. (Please Provide Link)

5. You are not allowed to edit your post after submitting.

6. One week to enter.

7. This Thread is for Entries only

Good luck everyone, and remember you only have till the 2nd of March to get your entries in.


Please Click Here To Go To The Discussion Thread.

Image is


Finish the building, is the goal.



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Here is mine


Stock images:

Doors: http://www.arredamentibianco.it/home.htm

Windows: http://creativamente.splinder.com/archive/2007-06

Water well from here : http://www.bambinineldeserto.org/progetti/view/160

and the camel : http://www.animalinelmondo.com/animali/ ... NewsId=486 and the camel name is

Jalla Jalla Inshallah a.k.a. the big lazy :lol:


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