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Photo editing questions

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I am attempting to use Paint.Net to replace Photoshop on my new Vista computer, but I’m finding in awkward. Most photo editing programs make is easy to crop, color correct, dodge and burn.

I have found how I can crop, but color correction seems to be limited to ’hue’ control only. I also need dodge and burn control. Is there a way to accomplish these things or am I using the wrong program to editor photos?

Thanks for your help.

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Salu was speaking in IM speak, which is discouraged on this forum. He means "your mode."


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Salu & david.atwell

Thanks for your help. I guess I'm showing my age. I've found the layers - properties - mode, but when I click on the picture I see an overlay that wants to move. I don't see how to darken just a portion of the picture.

At least I'm pointed in the right direction now. I'll look into it further tomorrow. I do a lot of photo editing for my news site. Do you think this is a good program for that?



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I think what Shamrock is looking for is the ability to spot edit. Similar to the way the cloning tool works.

This is not available yet but should come with brush ability (possibly in a future version)

As for color correction Shamrock use the curves+ plug in

Follow the link to read about it and download the plugin. I love it!




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