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  1. With regards to imaging and copyrights. You can actually go to a Stock Photo site and purchase a license for an image. With digital photography on a rampage, the market is now saturated with anyone with a digital camera trying to sell their photos.and you can get a licensed and legal copy of a photo for as little as $1. Bad for the photographers but good for you. Big Stock Photo search results for Spiral Stairs you'll find more sites like this by searching "Stock Photos" This is just a suggestion. You could always just grab a camera and take the photo yourself too. Of course there is always, Creative Commons
  2. Most noise reducers are done by simply smoothing out and image with JPG Artifact removal being the exception. So to "denoise" an image in Paint.net I would use "Soften Portrait" effect then possibly adjust with "Curves" (down) using luminance.
  3. You could easily use the Magic Wand tool to select the colors to flatten them out. See the help section on the "Magic Wand". Then use the paint brush to touch up some of the pixels that may get missed by the wand. The edges will be a little rough and the anti-alias didn't help much. but I think you'll be all right. Give it a try. I hope you don't mind but I tried it out on your image.
  4. The best method of directing file types to point at a desired program... 1. Open any folder you have readily accessible. Click Tools--> Then Folder options 2. in the next window, select the "file types" tab, find the file extension you are looking to have Paint.net open as a default. (jpg, gif, etc...) and click CHANGE. 3. The next window will be a list of recommended programs. If you don't see paint.net click the Browse button and locate it. It should be listed under your program files. Select the Paint.net program itself and then click ok. You will need to do this for each individual file type you are wanting to associate with Paint.net. But it will make your life a little easier and you Won't have to delete other programs as mentioned in the previous post. Edit (in addition)... If the Jasc and Corel Products came already installed on your computer when you got it, you should be able to simply register the products and they are yours. This is COMMON with a DELL if that is what you have.
  5. You may also want to use this font. Lightning Font @ dafont.com Then build onto it from there for your desired effect.
  6. A phony business card! This image started out as a doodle and turned into this. @ Mrap: Nice finish on the thumb and wrist! Well done!
  7. in your effects drop down menu you should find it under the 'Distort' selection sub menu. or if you installed it while paint.net was open you will have to restart the program.
  8. You could also try some steps from the Puzzle Tutorial. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=3782 *edit: sp.
  9. Making these sigs are a very good way to get familiar with this program. I think I'm just about addicted to this program.
  10. I think what Shamrock is looking for is the ability to spot edit. Similar to the way the cloning tool works. This is not available yet but should come with brush ability (possibly in a future version) As for color correction Shamrock use the curves+ plug in Follow the link to read about it and download the plugin. I love it! http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4394
  11. My attempt I had some trouble with getting a border around my trapezoid frame but I managed to figure something out.
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