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teardrop shape ?

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Here's a quick tip for making that teardrop shape...

Draw your circle and fill it with a radial gradient, of some colour. Then crop to the dimensions of the circle. Like this...


Then use the Octagonal Quad Reshape/Matte plugin.


Select 'Reshape' keeping it at 4 control points.

Drag both the top left and top right control points to the top centre.


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I like the methods Madjik & cjmcguinness.

a bit too "fat" for my taste.

But much easier to make :)

and you can stretch em.

Did this a while ago..

If I remember correctly, I think I draw an Ellipse then the 2 lines.

Yeah I know, thats what I said :?

Just saying the pic I saw was too "fat", I know you can do it :lol:


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:lol: OK so you wouldn't beleive me if I tried to explain how I was trying to use that plug in. kept checking off the same boxes reshape and 4 and OK nothing happened

gave it up as a lost cause

so I went out shopping

came home and give it one last shot

why didn't some one say you move the wee little nobs on the plug in.

oh well live and learn.

looks like an awsome plug in I'm going to be using quite a bit.


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Madjik ... For this application I'm working on I'm going to use the plug in but I like that tear drop using the wingding will keep that one in mind for future use. : what size text did you use? I can only get 72 largest and the one you posted looks much larger?

did you just resize? without loosing any definition?

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