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Using Forum "Search"

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I use that search feature for this forum to spare posting something likely already posted, even if it was posts nearly 8 years ago or such.


All I wanted to do was find topics posted on a few features like "Texture" effect and "Apply Texture" effect....and "BlendModePlus"....and "Dissolve effect".



No results, at all, came up when I typed in "Texture". I know those topics are in this forum. That has been the case with other searches, too. Sometimes I have copied and pasted a specific name of other various plugins and nothing will come up, either.


So, any advice when searching this forum? Other than being as specific as is possible?



Thank you.

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^ this. 100% correct. The forum search tool is....not great :D

The custom search searches all the online resources related to paint.net. The blog, website, help files and forum.

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And so it should! Actually I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip.

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