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【Plugin Request】Online Collaberation

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A plugin is not going to do this. Neither do I think paint.net can do it. You're asking for multiple instances of paint.net to simultaneously edit the same online canvas.

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Correct. Is it actually not possible? 


Possible? No, not at this time, and I wouldn't hold my breath on ever seeing it being part of paint.net.


Just thinking about it, it would take a whole lot of work just to design the "how".


The History implementation would have to change (mostly because of how 'undo' works)

All the history, each layer would have to be sent back and forth. Imagine people who have low internet bandwidth working on hi res images.

Let's say I run a plugin that my colleague doesn't have installed, would it just show up as "Unknown Plugin" in the History on their side?

Would the 2+ instances of paint.net communicate via peer-to-peer, or would there be a central server involved?

How would it designate the real-time location where each person is working? I suppose the only thing that makes sense would just be by layer. eg. 'User X' is working on 'Layer 21', 'User Y' is working on 'Layer 7', ect.


No doubt Rick could add a whole lot more to that list. Suffice it to say, it would be a colossus amount of work for him.

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I had some sort of a sudden brainwave just now about what can be done with "online collaboration".


Maybe its not a bad idea if our little community has some sort of cliparts and designs gallery that you can access via PDN's interface that you could freely get cliparts and designs made and submitted by their authors, much like the cliparts you can get online on MS Office and the 3D warehouse on Sketchup. You can then paste these designs to decorate your work. I'm personally designing banners right now made entirely of PDN. The designs would of course have tags and categories in them so they could be filtered by search keywords. Not everyone would think this is a nice or a plausible idea but I think its worth fun.

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