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Feature Request - Merge Layer Down adjustment

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I love the whole Merge Down thing, but I am having a little issue when it comes to merging multiple layers in the middle of multi-layered documents. When I want to merge Layer 5 through Layer 2 together, I automatically think to start at the top and merge down to Layer 2 with three successive clicks.

The problem is that, after a Merge happens, the layer above the merged layer is selected. So, three successive clicks would merge first Layer 5 with Layer 4, then Layer 6 with Layer 4/5, then Layer 7 with Layer 4/5/6 instead of Layer 5 with 4, 5/4 with 3, and 5/4/3 with 2.

Would it be possible to, after a Merge Down is performed, have the newly created merged layer selected? One would think this is the more logical way to do it from a usability standpoint, as you would be ending on one of the layers that was involved in the action you just performed instead of a completely unrelated layer.

If I'm the only one who sees this as a hindrance, let me know, and I shuts up good! :D

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No, you're not the only one!

What I have noticed as well is, depending on the blend mode set per layer, it's necessary to start from the lowest layer and go to the topmost.

As in your example to merge layer 5 to 2 (1 is the lowest) I have to select layer 3 and merge, layer 4 (selected - no need to click) merge, layer 5 (selected - no need to click) merge. If I start from top, annoying sh#t happens due to the blend mode cascading!

To me (imo) it's a matter of knowlegde then everyone chooses its way! No really need to change the good program.

(Perhaps this could be detailled in a new chapiter in the help topic 'layers and blend modes')

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I'm not sure if there's a way to change the blend mode thing you mentioned, simply because you're essentially creating new layers with the old layer's content.

A program can merge Layer 5 into Layer 4, creating a Layer 5/4 that mimics how these two layers blended together, but if Layer 4 was doing something to Layer 3, there's really no way to preserve it. Even if the new layer kept the blend style of the original Layer 4, it would still affect Layer 3 differently, simply because it now contains pixels that mimic former Layer 5.

As such, the best way to do it is to merge from the bottom, up, because you're not overwriting layers that could be affecting layers beneath them. Perhaps, then, it's best simply for me to adjust my thinking...

I am not a mechanism, I am part of the resistance;

I am an organism, an animal, a creature, I am a beast.

~ Becoming the Archetype

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Thank you sooo much CMD! I thought I was the the only one who had a prob with it which is why I didnt post anythng about it(plus I wasnt exactly sure how to word it haha) Also I noticed that if the two layers have diff. opacity values once merged together they change (if that makes any sense)


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I have also noticed that this merge layer down thingy is a bit weird. If I have the following layers


Layer2 (copy3)

Layer2 (copy2)

Layer2 (copy1)


…then select the top Layer2 (copy3), and click Merge Down;

Now Layer2 (copy3) is merged down into Layer2 (copy2) - as expected, but the active layer is changed to Layer3… where did that come from?

I would expect the layer I just merged down to remain active (so that I just can hit the Merge Down twice to merge all Layer2 copies into one Layer2).

So actually - a layer not involved in my merge down operation is the one that is selected as active layer after the operation… I find this very counter intuitive in an otherwise very nice application.

Could this be changed in a future version?

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