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How to retouch "sky" in a photo with a spot?

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Just to clarify the differences between the two tools,

The Clone Stamp tool :CloneStampTool: "clones" samples of the actual picture, then uses those samples to color with.

The Color Picker tool :ColorPickerTool:  lets you "pick" a color from your image, then you can color with that color using drawing tools like the paintbrush, pencil, line/curve tool, etc. :)

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Skullbonz & Cc4,


I was just coming here to say that I tried fixing the sky with the color picker and found that to be much easier for me.  I used it in conjunction with the paint brush.


Thanks for posting and helping me out!   ;)



I did not understand the shortcut = k

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Now I see that K is the shortcut for the color picker tool.


I found that zooming in on my photo and then dragging the tool box over near the spot in the sky that I need to remove then I can easily switch back and forth between the color picker and the paint brush with my mouse.


Thanks again to everyone!


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