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  1. I have an image with a solid white background. Is it possible to change it to a color? I'd like something bright. Perhaps gradient. Thank you!
  2. I'll begin by saying I am a novice. I like paint.net and use it regularly, however I'm certain I know less than 10% of what it can do. I saw an ad for software called inPixio. Their big claim is you can use it to remove objects or the background from a photo. Does paint.net have this option? Is this a complex process? Thank you for your help! witness
  3. Okay. I managed to download and install the plugin. It pops up just like in the picture. But now I don't know how to use it. Sorry to be such a novice. I see two options: "Sharpen Amount" and "Blur Width" But I am lost as to what comes next. Do I take the Sharpen amount higher? Just a bit? Thanks guys!
  4. I'm still a newbie here so there is so much I do not know. I took a photo and the faces are not real sharp. Just slightly out of focus. Is there a quick, easy way to help fix this problem with paint.net? Thank you very much! W.
  5. I have a photo taken outside at dusk without a flash. It is so dark you can barely make out the two people in the photo. What can I do to brighten it up and yet keep it looking "natural"? Thank you very much for helping novices like me!!
  6. That seemed complicated. But once I got started doing it step by step it was easier than I expected. Thank you very much for your help!
  7. I took two photos of the same thing. But one is more to the left and the other more to the right. How can I merge the two photo to make one that gets both the right and the left? Does that make sense? Thank you!
  8. I'm talking about "tracing" around my body and around my wife's face and hair. Is there a tool for that?
  9. That was fast. I thank both of you for the reply. You can see that I'm rather new here. I have not looked at all the links you sent but basically it looks like I need to "free hand" trace around the person with either the pencil or the eraser. Is that right? My hands are not real steady, especially with a mouse.
  10. I would like to remove people from one photo and past them into a different photo. Is this possible? Is it hard to do? And just so you know it is my own photo. I'm not trying to do anything to anybody else. thanks!!
  11. Now I see that K is the shortcut for the color picker tool. I found that zooming in on my photo and then dragging the tool box over near the spot in the sky that I need to remove then I can easily switch back and forth between the color picker and the paint brush with my mouse. Thanks again to everyone!
  12. Skullbonz & Cc4, I was just coming here to say that I tried fixing the sky with the color picker and found that to be much easier for me. I used it in conjunction with the paint brush. Thanks for posting and helping me out! Erg, I did not understand the shortcut = k
  13. xod, I appreciate the feedback. I'm trying to do what it says there but something is not working. I also looked at: http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/paintnet/tp/clone-stamp.htm Once I click on the clone stamp should that color appear in the color box as the primary color to use with the paint brush? Thanks!
  14. It seems I need to use the clone stamp tool, but when I "click" I don't seem to get the color I clicked from. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for the help!
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