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Xia's Cumulation of Art [100% PDN]


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Oh, wow, such beautiful works! I LOVE all the images. The apple one is pretty nifty. And Sonic, come on, he was always my favorite character and I even owned a pair of Sonic the Hedgehog boots once and I remember boys making fun of me because I wasn't the typical girl. :)


The wolf has very pretty eyes, too. Nice collection so far!

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Hi Xia,


I love the white wolf image. It is good to have you here too. 


Please be careful with your image sizes. The rules in part are as follows:

All images must be hosted offsite. No uploads, please. We recommend Photobucket or ImageShack.
Preview images must be smaller than 800 x 600 pixels. You are welcome to link to a larger image if you like.


Please resize the apple image. 


I really like the message in the staying safe online image too. Well done!


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April Jones, 2012

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Lovely start to your gallery Xia.



I must say so far that the "Be Safe Online" one is my fav. I'm sensing a knack for pixel oriented art which is something refreshing to see. Gorgeous looking husky as well; those eyes really pop.


As for your Sonic picture, I must say the concept is neat. Add a SEGA billboard or neon lights at the top and I'd swear I'm staring at their corporate headquarters.


However, might I suggest for future takes at blending an object with a surface to take a glance at the "Improved Grafitti Technique" tutorial published by Dynojuggler. A good use of Alpha Displacement Mask can really make the difference between an overlaid image which falls flat and one that hugs all the curves and crevasses of your background element.


To further illustrate this I'd invite you to analyze THIS example. Notice how the image of the scale follows the contours of the red curtain. Mind you however that to achieve a similar result, the "mask file" (as the tutorial describes) needs to have sharp contrast values or in other words the right combination of shadowed and brighter areas.


It's not always obvious to lay hands on the right tutorial without sifting through a good deal of them so I thought this might point you in a sort of general direction. In the meanwhile, keep experiment and familiarizing yourself with all PDN and the forums have to offer. Good work thus far


Cheers B)

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