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Add annotation support to .pdn format like in PDF

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AFA .pdn is format for working project. Sometimes to some elements in workspace need to add extra metadata(ex.: font style and size, another example - in case of color with alpha - thectly color definition, in some cases - describe object relation.)
All this stuff exist in adobe reader. All what need - copy functionality to Paint.NET.

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Paint.net is a raster image editor. There is no "text" once you commit your text to the image. Everything is pixels. That said, if you think about it, annotations would be irrelevant to the program.

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I use the layer name to record details like Font, size, colors etc...,

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For keeping metadata is no difference is this raster or vector file. 

.pdn is workspace file. It already contain some metadata. 

I am talking, than it will be useful to keep user-defined metadata(texts, arrows), linked to some position on layer. 

This data is not a part of picture, but it need sometime to describe some detail on region, without affecting image.

Like an comment to cell data in spreadsheet. Like a highlight text in pdf. It's not affect the original data - cell contend, pdf document, image. It's just describe it. 

Creating a hidden layer with this all stuff as picture is not so practical - it is not possible to copy text from there, change it simply, move, etc. And not so simply to describe detail for each layer.

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Creating a hidden layer with this all stuff as picture is not so practical

And adding all this stuff as a completely separate editing and rendering engine is practical? :) The engineering cost for what you're asking for is enormous.


Sorry buddy, not gonna happen. This is what layers are for.

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