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  1. This plugin is good, but I it has missed two important things. First one - AGIF not supporting transparency. And second - during saving I cannot select 24 bit or 8bit GIF image I want to save. It defaults to 8bit, even if the source is 24bit. See example source file in attachment. ws_loader.agif
  2. For keeping metadata is no difference is this raster or vector file. .pdn is workspace file. It already contain some metadata. I am talking, than it will be useful to keep user-defined metadata(texts, arrows), linked to some position on layer. This data is not a part of picture, but it need sometime to describe some detail on region, without affecting image. Like an comment to cell data in spreadsheet. Like a highlight text in pdf. It's not affect the original data - cell contend, pdf document, image. It's just describe it. Creating a hidden layer with this all stuff as picture is not
  3. subj. AFA .pdn is format for working project. Sometimes to some elements in workspace need to add extra metadata(ex.: font style and size, another example - in case of color with alpha - thectly color definition, in some cases - describe object relation.) All this stuff exist in adobe reader. All what need - copy functionality to Paint.NET.
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