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Trying to Install Paint.NET having many troubles! Plz help !!!

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So I had been using Paint.NET for a while.


But, I recently brought a new computer, & now want to install paint.net onto it but, I cannot.


I keep getting this Set-up Front End has Stopped Working message.


I have tried googling a resolution to this issue, but no luck, or help.


I'm hoping someone here can help me.


If you can, great! & thanks in advance.

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Since I hadn't gotten a reply, I tried to dig deeper into this issue.

I found that, my compatability doesn't match.

Therefore the program won't install.

Since I had windows 7 before and now have windows 8, I guess this should have been simply enough from the beginning to answer.

I guess, now I have to hope that Paint.NET 4 comes out, soon.


& then hope the best from there.

I really hate to have to move to a new program, paint.net is like the best, and I just really wanted it on my new computer, I guess I can't.


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I am pretty sure you can install PDN on windows 8,check here;  http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/25574-windows-8-app/#entry381300


and here;  http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/399-frequently-asked-questions-faq/

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Clr20r3 error when installing paint.net

I had Paint.NET installed on my laptop around 6 months
ago, and for whatever reason, one day the program just stopped working.
It wouldn't open. I decided to try and install the latest
version of paint.NET. Again, this didn't work, and throws up an
"Clr20r3" error, saying that "paint.net setupfrontend.exe has stopped
working" and there is a "fileNotFoundException".


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Found this on the internet:  "Apparently this error is common with corrupt installs of the .net framework."  I'd try a repair of the .NET framework first >> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306160


If that doesn't work, copy and paste the full error message here with your full system specs.

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