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resize quad to fit shape and perspective

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I'm after a plugin similar to Evans effects but one that will allow me to fit a shape to an area on the image. I've tried Evan's quad plugin but you get a separate window so trying to fit the perspective is almost impossible and everytime I try I end up getting curves in the picture. What I want is to modify the perspective on the actual image and not have to deal with the image producing curves. As an example here's what I'm after (it was done for me in photoshop by a friend for a cabinet I'm working on), which I presume has an effect to do this easily:


This is the picture as it was:



This is with the graphic superimposed:





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You have a few options, one of which is the plugin Red Ochre pointed out. Another option is to use the built-in Rotate/Zoom tool (Layers>Rotate/Zoom or ctrl+shift+z) which I personally find more intuitive.

Also, to make things easier on yourself, make sure you are changing the perspective of the image before you try to adjust the shape to fit the object.

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Thanks, with some effort it seemed the rotate/zoom works best. It would be nice if someone created something like Photoshop's Vanishing Point tool :)


I think what would help greatly with the rotate/zoom option is I noticed whatever text box you were in the mouse scroll modified the value, if somehow key+mouse scroll could be listened for you could do all the adjustments a bit easier without having to navigate the various parts of the dialog, e.g. mousescroll=xpan, mousescroll+LSHIFT=ypan, mousescroll+LCTRL=angle, etc.

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