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How to blend textured colors?

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Hi, first of all thanks for the site, you have all helped me with problems at one time or another.


I am trying to blend certain portions of an image where I have done some cut and paste work. I have tried many effects and plugins, but have yet to find a fairly seamless solution (yes I have tried Seamless Texture maker).


I have attached a part of the pic where you can see my copy and paste issues. Any guidance would be appreciated.




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Ah the beauty of layers!

Make your book on its own layer so you can move it around without affecting the background.

If it's too late to do that, paste to a new layer and use gradients set to transparency mode (the setting can be found to the right of the gradient shapes in the toolbar at the top) to make the edges gradually fade.

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In this case it would probably be easier to delete the background and create a new one.


1. Select the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool:


2. In the Tool Bar, lower the Tolerance to 25%


3. Hold down the Ctrl key and make as many selections on the background as you need to almost completely cover the background (4 or 5 selections did it for me).


4. Press Delete.


5. Expand the color window and type this hex value into the Hex Value box:   6C521C


6. Select the Fill tool and fill the deleted background in.


7. Select the Wand again and reselect he background (one click will do).


8. Go to Effects > Noise > Add Noise and use these settings:  20, 0, 100. 



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Thanks Gents.


Since this is an edit i seem to do frequently, and I have 2 or 3 areas of different colors on the same picture that need to be blended,  I would like to learn how to do it from the start. So if I start over, how would i blend 2 textured colors?






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Hello Berniemtl,

This is tricky, I'd love to know of a simple answer. I've run into this problem when stitching together panoranas from seperate photos. The best advice I can give is to select the areas closest to the join and try to adjust the brightness/contrast and hue/saturation to get as close as possible. Try to 'hide' any joins where there is the edge of a feature in the image and use Gaussian blur on small areas. BoltBait's 'color balance' plugin can be useful for this too. Then use transparent gradients to try to blend layers together.

Good luck ... I hope someone can think of decent technique for this ... perhaps a 'contrast/brightness/hue/saturation- gradient' might be a useful plugin? (I'm not volunteering :lol: ).

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It's hard to give a definitive answer because the process differs depending on the source image.  I would blend waves differently to clouds, bricks differently to sky, plants differently to hills, etc...,


I think Red Ochre got is right when he suggested blending, blurring and transparent gradients.  These three tools would do the bulk of the work in most cases.

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