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How do I make this hyper-real-slightly-metallic effect?

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Before this topic gets any further...what do you mean by "this effect."


I clicked on the link and got a picture of a football player on a white background. Nice high-res image, but I can't tell what you mean by "this," and I imagine the others here are only guessing, in which case, you probably aren't getting the answers you are looking for.

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Good point 'noob. The title is hardly descriptive and dangerously close to one cited in the Forum Rules. I'll edit it.

I am also assuming that our poster wants the hyper-real-slightly-metallic effect ;)

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My attempt:

1. Open your image (of a football player on a transparent background).

2. Duplicate the single layer twice.

3. Activate the center layer (of 3) and run Effects > Blur Surface Blur as Brad.Pike suggested.  This removes a lot of the detail.


4. Activate the top layer and run the Metallize plugin with these settings: 0, 2, Grayscale=unchecked, Luminosity.  This adds a slightly metallic sheen.


5. With the top layer still activated press F4 and lower the opacity to around 40.  This step so the metallic sheen doesn't overpower the image.


6. Press Ctrl + Shift + F to flatten the image.


7. Duplicate the single layer.


8. Activate the top layer and press F4.


9. Change the Blend mode to Multiply and reduce the opacity until the overdark areas are toned down (I used 70-80 in the example image).


10 Repeat step 6.


11 Save.



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I'm sure it can be refined some more.  That was a fairly quick attempt :)

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Probably many ways.  There are lots of tools and plugins for Paint.NET.  Try fiddling with the settings in each step to see if you can come up with a combination that you like.

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