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Removing Background

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also try adjusting the Magic Wand's "MW" Tolerance in the tool bar. Also if you hold "shift" while selecting with the MW it will select every thing in it's range on the photo. Also, you should use the Lasso. When using the Lasso hold "Ctrl" to keep what you have already selected and hold right click to unselect. Once you you have done all you can do you have to go in with the Eraser.

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Best method is directly depending on the picture...

For a difficult image I create a duplicated layer and use the posterise effect and/or turn it into B/W and/or adjustment/curves.... etc to reduce the color depth and isolate the subject...

Then it's time to use the magic wand on top layer and delete on original layer...

Post your picture for more tips...

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What does a magnetic lasso do that the regular one doesn't? I'm just curious.

Generally a magnetic lasso is a combination of a magic wand and a lasso. You click (or draw) multiple points along the border of an object and it detects what you're outlining (via. color difference I think) and applies an algorithm to select the object entirely. I'm not exactly sure of the accuracy of that. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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I'm sold on the alphamask plugin for cutting out the background.

It does an awesome job.

Is there a tut on this? I usually just use the m.w. and eraser but if theres an easier way than I'm all for it :D


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Thank you crosswalker. I appreciate that.

Yeah jake, it's a great way to precisely cut something out. You can cut out the background or the target image, it doesn't matter. The coolest thing is that as you're applying the mask over your subject, if you make a mistake and cut too much, you don't have to use the back button and waste a lot of pixels you've already cut. You can just right click and it restores those pixels as you draw over them again. You can also save a used mask and use it again later if you decide to cutout the same picture.

Trust me, if I can learn how to use it, anybody can. Here's the link to the Alphamask plugin: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2178

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