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  1. White: do the Wanted! quest F2p weild: No and i beleive its like 10k or something i dunno
  2. i play, u can add me lvl 89 almost 90 =p Monkey 22233 and my main =] ( rich...401m (blue/white phat) Lansal (lvl 103) Add em both
  3. yes there is a tut on removing or changing background and it was by me ^^
  4. well ur probably want to make the hearts with PDN and the glittering with the Animation Shop thing...well you got to do it frame by frame. (i hope i am giving right advise )
  5. hey very nice do u mind posting a tutorial for it?
  6. go here:
  7. i really don't know really just i guess zoom in a try to find out the pattern or something :?:
  8. the regular just Paint how you like spray paint kinda?
  9. omg sorry and i can't delete 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry sorry sorry :oops: