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Is there a plugin to implement jpegtran ?

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I am a developer and I always make sure my images are as small as possible, I find myself losing time because paint.net's jpeg compression is not up to par. I run all images through a batch file which does this

jpegtran -copy none -optimize -perfect %1 output.jpg

Is there a way to automate this with some plugin maybe ? Or implement this lossless processing as an option in the program itself ? (suuuure sure)

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If it doesn't need to be a .jpeg file, you could use the OptiPNG plugin. It makes the filesize of .png images smaller and .png is a lossless format so...maybe that could work?

If the images have to be .jpeg, then paint.net doesn't have such a function. (unless my memory fails me...)

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I don't have the skills to code such a plugin - there are others here who do. They may smile on your request if you ask very nicely.

JPG's are not lossless. Not even at 100% quality.

Have you investigated the WebP format? It's a JPG killer.

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