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  1. Well, took me a few years, but I finally saw that it adds a new file type "Optimized jpeg" which I have to select .... Thanks
  2. Where would that checkbox be ? If it was working for me, anyway
  3. Yes, I'm positive there is no problem there. I hope someone else posts if it's working for them or not. (Does it matter that I'm on x64 ?)
  4. Hello, thanks for this but it's not working for me. I just dropped the two files under C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes\ I can tell it's not working because the filesize is the same whether starts with the two files or without. Also, when I run the files through jpegtran.exe they get smaller, so the optimization wasn't applied. (I'm opening random jpg files and using 'save as') I checked with ProcessExplorer and under's NET assemblies tab I see OptimizedJPEG.dll, so it is loaded. I'm using version 3.5.10 under win7 x64. Any ideas ?
  5. The tools I've mentioned are about lossless optimization/recompression. I can't use Webp due to lack of support (from older browsers)
  6. pngout provides better results than Optipng. So there's another batchfile timewaster there to run my pngs through that one.
  7. I am a developer and I always make sure my images are as small as possible, I find myself losing time because's jpeg compression is not up to par. I run all images through a batch file which does this jpegtran -copy none -optimize -perfect %1 output.jpg Is there a way to automate this with some plugin maybe ? Or implement this lossless processing as an option in the program itself ? (suuuure sure)