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Resizing QR codes

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Hi there! So now I have some complex QR code images (look like the attached) in 450x450px which I need to resize each of them to 60x60px for a website.

I've tried the "resize" option (with different sampling method) but I either get a blurred image("unscannable" without "zoom-in") or a sharp image but with the dots not quite at the right place.

What do you think?


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On the resize screen, select the "Nearest Neighbor" method. That's going to be your best bet.

BTW, 60x60 is really small for that style of QR code. Perhaps you'd do better with a smaller code in the first place. Maybe something like this:


This is a medium sized code. There are even smaller ones. You are trying to put a HUGE code into too small of a space. I'd suggest simplifying your code down to a medium or small code then try to scale it down in size.

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QR codes come in various flavours and sizes. I generally use this site to make them: http://delivr.com/qr-code-generator This site has a really nice sizing option. At x1 the codes are around 70 pixels square.

Note the bottom of the page recommendations:

QR Code Printing Guidelines & Best Practices

  • 32 × 32 mm or 1.25 × 1.25 inches, excluding quiet zone (the white space included around the QR Code in the EPS) is the minimum size that guarantees that ALL camera phones on the market can properly read the QR Code.
  • 26 × 26 mm or roughly 1 square inch, excluding quiet zone covers 90% of the phones on the market. - OUR CURRENT RECOMMENDATION
  • The latest camera models, which have improved macro capabilities, can deal with QR Codes that are less than 10 mm (0.4 in) wide and high.
    • For example, an iPhone 4 will be able to scan this size, but an iPhone 2/3.x with 2.0 megapixel camera and no autofocus may not.

For good reader accuracy good contrast between the background and the bar color itself is very important. The bar code should have a dark color on a light background. You cannot go wrong by treating the QR Code as line art, using black on white.

If you're resizing down to 60px square then you'll have to print it at 60DPI to be in the 26mm x 26mm size range.

Considered TinyURL?

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I generally use this site to make them: http://delivr.com/qr-code-generator

I tried that site and it replaced my URL with a delivr URL that redirected to my site.

Maybe you want that for tracking purposes, but just be aware that it is happening.

Other than that, the site has some good options.

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I didn't realize they did that :( That's a bit naughty of them! - you can see I don't use the URL codes much.

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Thank you for your tips they solved the mystery a little.

While exploring different online QR code generator (free), more questions found: (should I create a new "off topic" for this now :/ )

- why would those free online QR code generator have different QR image as a result, for exactly the same piece of text/URL/content?

- how actually those QR codes are generated?

- how do you know if those free generators have "implanted" tracking code or not?

- will there be a copyright issue of using those QR code generated for free???

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Hi, mathcse, and welcome to the forum!

This is an old topic that has long been resolved. 357h3r hasn't been on the forum for several months, and more than likely won't be back. Lets let dead topics rest in piece ok? :)

<topic closed>

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