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Stacking GIFs

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Do the the 3 GIFs have same size (width & Height) and same number of frames?

Temporary, if they are small GIFs, you can upload them to a host site (PhotoBucket) then link them to a web page, put the first code of the first file on a line, then the other two file on the second line side by side, and view them to see how they work.

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If you want them to be animated, you need to install the .agif filetype.

Once you have that installed, change the filetype of each of the animations to .agif, then open them all in paint.net

Count how many frames (layers) each one has, then find the least common multiple.

Now, create a new image and add layers until it has the same number of layers as the least common multiple you calculated.

Copy the contents of the first frames of the animations onto the bottom layer of the new image.

Repeat for the rest of the layers. When you get to the end of one of the animations, continue on the first frame.

When you are done, save the image as a .agif file, then change the filetype to .gif.

EDIT: about the big white space...you can't get rid of it because of how you arranged your images. Images are always rectangular, so if you don't want the white space, line up the images.

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