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Autorotate rectangular selection when pasting as new picture

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This seem to be a newby questionm but I have googles and tried different queries to the forum search for some time.

1. I have created a rectangular selection

2. I have rotated it with right mouse button pressed.

3. I want to copy&paste selection as the new picture, but I need to rotate manually selected image part before that to fit into new canvas exactly.

Is it possible for the result to be autorotated to fit rectangular canvas?


Ivan Sopov.

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You can accomplish this by first copying your selection to the clipboard (Ctrl + C) then using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + V (paste selection into a new image - this command is also available from the Edit menu).

Using these commands will automatically create the correct sized canvas to hold your image.

The image will not be automatically rotated to align it to the new image - you will have to do that manually.

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I may have misunderstood the question :/

But it may be worth looking at this composition tool ;)

- don't forget to save your original first!

I was just about to recommend that :D Such a great plugin for such things!

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