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Matrix Space Image Conversion (Warping One Image Into Another)

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Hello All

I am looking to discuss the idea of morphing space! I would like to do what other advanced programs do by assigning points to an image and then morph/tranpose those points to another space with the same number of defined points.

As a very crude geometric example if I have a 5-pointed star and want to transpose those 5 defined points onto an ellipse with 5 similarly defined points, what might be your approachbe to execute this function. Does anybody care to create and application/extension pack, or write the code for such a function? Does anyone know of a method of steps to create this transition process? (See Two Accompaning JPEGS)

A vastly more complex situation, but one that continually is used it graphic arts applications would be to morph or transpose the spacial dimensions of one image into those of a second image which is assigned the same set of spacial definitions. For example, if I wanted to morph the image of one object say a young persons face, into that of an oder persons face (possibly and entirely different individual/image), could this be done by creating a matrix space for one image, and defining a series of key locations within that space, and then transposing the whole image into another image, which has the identical number of defined locations within the exact same matrix space.

This is a very common, and well established concept within the graphic arts, and computer science world, but I don't know of any instances of this being done with PDN.

Please feel free to contribute and share your experience.

Thanks for your comments!!!!



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For a one to one comparison, are you referring the rudimentary level that Photoshop uses with perspective warping or Puppet Warp (CS5+)? For the life of me I cannot recall the software that made this sort of transform infamous in commercials and videos over a decade ago, but I thought it was a 3D rendering package or part of the Autodesk Empire sets ... Maybe someone else can fill in the blank there.

In PDN, the work laid out with Quadrilateral Reshape is in the ballpark come to think of it. Here's a post actually showing it: Examples of the plugin direct thread link

Obviously not enough control points or movable starting point controls without doing a prior selection to make it match what you wish to do with that example ... The Polygonal Transparency interface merger never happened with that tool to gain more control points that I can find. That would almost cover most basic needs with a selectable number of points.

Hope that helps some. Also would like more specific examples of what this is called for comparison in other applications as the general idea versus seeing how its done elsewhere (like the PS example) is often inspirational to any dev or would dev for this ...


Gallery at PDN-Fans

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Liquify supports PS's mesh files - may be useful?

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