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Creating Text at an Angle?

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Is it possible to create text that lies at an angle other than the horizontal? I have seen plugins with neat tricks like circles and spirals, but what I need is only to write text at an angle but otherwise in the same plane. So "hello" in a straight line, but 45 degrees from true. I've looked at rotational tools, and all I can find are horizontal/vertical flips, which are not the answer.

If there is a command that I'm missing, or a plugin that would allow a text (or anything else) to be rotated along a non-90 degree axis, that would be great. Does such a thing exist?

Thank you very much.

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Yes, there is!

Just type your text horizontally on a new layer, then rotate it with the move tool (use the right mouse button to click and drag) or with the rotate/zoom tool found in the "Layers" menu

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Try holding down the Shift key when you right-mouse to constrain the angle to 15 degree increments.

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