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Jaxon's Gallery of Finger Paintings


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~ Jaxon's Gallery ~

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, your suggestions and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

~ Most Recent ~


Nightmare's Chaperon


Crystal Folderol


Outer Abstruse


Marble N Wood


Passion Stone (rev.2)

~ Earlier Pieces ~


Tile Globe


Purple Globe


Mystic Onyx


Marble Lag


Blue Thistle


Star Bloom


Cactus Flower


Southwest Bloom2


Southwest Bloom1


Framed Jewel


Puzzle Box


December Moon


Alien Orb


Combo Wrench


Heart Wrenching

(12/11/11) removed "Finders-Keepers" ~ working on rev. 3

Edited by Jaxon
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Now that your gallery is posted, gotta say it's a pretty good start right there! All the works are generally pretty good and stand out very well, especially the wrenches. Not so heart-wrenching :D

Though I'm kinda split about December Moon. One man's "artsy" could very well be another's "clumsy", and I tend to take the other side when it comes to the simple snow and the jags. Making the original image bigger and then resizing it could significantly help next time though, good work. I also do find Alien Orb and Purple Box are quite the rough gems, but at least you have some pretty good ideas, and that's the basis to all. I'm not necessarily focusing on the negative, it's just that the other images are perfect enough as they are :)

Otherwise, no issues at all. Keep going!

Edited by Ilke
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@ barbieq25 - Thank you, the pleasure was all mine. :)

@nightnurse79 - (1.) Thanks for your feed back, much appreciated.

(2.) As for tutorials, I'm not sure at this point I can contribute anything worthy of a solid tut. I'll keep it in mind though.

Nice looking sig., btw. :star:

@ HELEN - Glad you like my "Heart Wrenching" pictograph. ;)

Thanks for the compliments.

@ welshblue - One is inspired by your words of praise and encouragement. Thank you. B)

The "etching" on my wrench and avatar is an abbreviated application of your Engraved/Embossed Pitted Metal tutorial.

@ Ilke - Wow! Thank you for an outstanding review!

Good catch on "December Moon", I could probably saw wood with that snow edge. ;)

You've cast a new light on my two "rough gems", I can see now they need something more. Gotta take some time to noodle on that.

Thanks again.

@ Aislin - Thank you very (repeated several times) much! :)

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@ - barbieq25, welshblue and HELEN; Thank You Very Much for your compliments, I'll try not to break my arm as I pat myself on the back.

And another BIG thanks to welshblue for casting an eagle eye on "Passion Stone"; pointing out the jaggedness and telling me how to fix it.

Another piece.


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Looks really, really good. I would've probably made the wrench go the same way as the line of road. That way, the wrench will be more in "perspective." Otherwise, it's excellent--the wrench, the black top, etc.

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The impression I get is it's sitting on the pavement of on one of the line markings - hence, finders - keepers.

I can't put my finger on it, the wrench is awesome and so is the background making up the pavement, but something in my mind says there's something amiss.


I think it's the shading inside each side. One side it's lighter on top and darker on the bottom inside where it grabs the nut, and the other it's the opposite.

Edited by jim100361
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@ HELEN - Thanks for the kudos... While working on "Finders- Keepers" I did think of placing the wrench parallel to the yellow line, but felt it would look too contrived.

I respect your opinion as an artist and mentor, so I took your advice and created revision 2.

I still like the original, would appreciate your feed back when you have the time. Thanks. :D

@ jim - Your impression is correct.:)

The shading is the same on both ends of the wrench. IMHO the 3/8 end is on the black top, so you wouldn't see the

shadow on the inside as well as the 7/16 end resting on the yellow line.

Thanks for the compliments.

finderskeepers2.th.png Revision 2

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Jaxon, there is still something off about the perspective. I don't know what it is. Yellowman, Goonie or Welshy are the ones I look to for this advice. The road texture is really great! Not to mention the spanner. That for me was one of the hardest things I ever did. Even had to go & get one to make sure that I was getting it right, only to find out they can all differ so much.

I keep looking...one point - the paint on the line is usually very thick so there should not be much of a blur but an unevenish hard edge with maybe a bit of splatter. It could be the line pulling the image out of whack. Also is the line thickness in keeping with the length & width of the spanner - i.e. are they both on the same scale? I'd have to get one & test it :lol:

I love your ideas & I hope that you can continue to improve on this one. Some images take quite a few goes at it.

EDIT: Hubby - art teacher, just popped in & he noted that a line marking machine could give the blurry effect but what stood out for him was the rings on the spanner have 2 vanishing points that don't meet & the rings on the spanner should be offset - dunno I had trouble with that too.

Poor Jaxon - how can a simple idea end up so complicated. Mention perspective & my eyes gale over - I will never in my whole life understand it fully but I am getting better at it.

Edited by barbieq25

Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Again I'd like to thank HELEN, jim100361, barbieq25 and welshblue for helping me to sort out the problem/s with "Finders-Keepers".

With the sun shining today I took my box-end wrench out to the middle of the street, placed it on the painted line. After a few minutes of study, I grabbed some measurements and compared it to my drawing.


1.) Scale of wrench is larger than painted line (affecting the perspective?).

2.) Shadow effect is too heavy.

3.) Keep working to get it right.

4.) Let the paint dry (metaphorically speaking) before posting online.

@ barbieq - I appreciated your husbands input, please be sure to thank him for me. Again, thanks for lending a hand.

@ welshblue - Your sage advice is worth far more than 2 pence. Many Thanks.

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True. Plus it's a way of 'passing on' the help we were given when first starting to use PDN. I'm just glad to be of assistance

...................... your neighbours thought you were ever so slightly strange ? :P

Paying it forward? I'm there... :D

Not as strange as when I wear my tin foil hat and make race car noises while cutting my lawn with a push mower. :roll:

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@ jim - Your impression is correct.boltbait.smile.png

The shading is the same on both ends of the wrench. IMHO the 3/8 end is on the black top, so you wouldn't see the

shadow on the inside as well as the 7/16 end resting on the yellow line.

Here is what I'm looking at:


The right side should be (in my opinion) the same as it is on the left - judging from the shadows this would be exposed to the sunlight - so it shouldn't be darker, it should be lighter.

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