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  1. Helen - Starry Hoops is truly captivating, with a great choice of colors and the wow factor of the glossy orb is off the charts. Another exceptional piece to add to your masterful works.
  2. I agree, one vote wasn't enough. Maybe in the future there could be an opportunity for each voter to cast thier vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Didn't notice the optical illusion until you mentioned its existence. So, is it the top of the letter T in the word paint tilting forward?
  3. @ welshblue - I clicked on the link in post #3 and it worked for me. Tile Image Link edit: just double checked this link, it takes me right to Curtis's Plugin Pack page. Thanks doughty, I can't decide if I'm looking at stone or rusted metal in your piece. Either way, it's an outstanding texture and a nice over all design. Thanks barbieq.
  4. How about :mrred or :red :red:
  5. Most excellent pieces in here - Nice job everyone! 's all around. @ welshblue - Thanks for the spark of inspiration and another fine tute. Here's my go at Textured Shapes. Bloomin Star
  6. Holy Cracker Jacks Batman, she takes the prize! barbieq, that is amazingly beautiful - Love the iridescent antique flavor of the rings, buttons and hook; the curly-Q is fantastic.
  7. Haven't tried this tute yet, had to find the Tile Image plugin authored by Curtis Black. Here's the link: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8043-curtis-plugin-pack-update-for-354/ Looks like fun welshblue, I'll post my results here later.
  8. Many Thanks barbieq. btw, congrats on your Monet award and a Happy belated New Year.
  9. @ delpart - As happy accidents go, your desktop abstract is off the charts. It is mysteriously beautiful and thought provoking... Most excellent! Been gone for a few weeks, so doing a bit of catch up myself.
  10. Thanks welshblue, this was a fun tutorial. Yes, I did go a little hog wild and pig crazy duplicating the dowels and realize that no two dowels are exactly the same. But the voices in my head kept insisting...
  11. Yep, laughter is pretty good medicine. All seriousness aside... Your ThistleDown Wallpaper is another beautiful example of your talent.
  12. Yea, don't think you could put enough butter and garlic on it to disguise the taste... I totally agree with Goonfella. "Indecision is a fabulous piece".
  13. "Playtime x 2" look to me like steampunk seashells. Both equally splendid! I like that you didn't over emphasize the gleam of the metal, which may have detracted from the over all pieces. Well done sir!
  14. Beautiful dark rich colors, warm glow and wonderful Victorian accent. I was basking in the serenity of the piece wondering about the "Dark Dreams" title, when I spotted the steam punk face/mask hiding in plain sight just left of the clutch parts. My, you are clever. My tin foil hat's off to you. Excellent!
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