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  1. oui, je suis egyptienne :) ,

    and by the way i don't have the Frensh letters on my Keyboard

  2. I hope i did spell this right :P

  3. Tu est Francais?

    Je Apprendre Le Francais en mon l'ecole !

  4. Hi Ilke,

    Wanted to give you first crack at my gallery, but it seems I have limited access to this forum.

    Can't start a new topic in the pictorium.

    I've contacted a moderator, I'll keep you posted.

  5. Watching Sanctuary. Overall quite good though the fourth season is just... meh for now. Also is there anyone here who's watching Terra Nova? I'm kinda interested in it and would like some comments first.
  6. M-m-m-mindblowing. I just love how in The Golden Touch the mouse is seamlessly integrated to the rest of the picture. Your glossy/3D shapes are just fascinating otherwise.
  7. Gotta love your work on the shapes. Paradise Dawn just became my new favourite
  8. Just watched Contagion: 4.5/5 An excellent thriller with great directing and even better attachment to realism. The pacing had some issues though.
  9. That's what happens when you speed up... like a bolt! *runs away*
  10. I-I-Impressive library. Love how your work is so diverse, from jewellery to animations. Don't even get me started on your latest Cameo O_O
  11. Really love Dark Fleur, the texture's uhmaaazing, though I think too much of the shape is shadowed. Don't get me wrong, Future View of the Past is quite good too, though well, not as much as the former
  12. Very, very, very, very *20 minutes later* very, very, very amazing. Real good job. To make all this gold, you use the same formula you've added to your tutorial, do you? As in bevel --> curves --> fastFX etc...
  13. *sinister glare* I eat anger counsellors for breakfast, sir! Or wait no, that was for lunch, for breakfast I eat lawyers- And I complete my dinner with the simpletons who dare try calm me down with their empty... threats and... mockeries! *smashes more stuff*
  14. The first creation I did with the tutorial. After that I tweaked with the blueprint in other creations a bit, using gemstones, opals, different shapes and colours... Couldn't do the Galaxy tute's effect, so I skipped it for a simpler highlight. Bonus points for guessing which flag this is, hum hum hum!
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