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Layers: Delete all invisible before saving.

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To reduce file size when working with 100+ layers, can I delete multiple invisible layers before saving?

If not, is there a plug-in for this procedure?

For a multi-page tutorial with over 100 layers, pdn is slow when opening or saving the file. I would like to save each page of the tutorial as a separate .pdn file for faster loading/editing/saving. Unfortunately, to save each individual page, I must delete many layers one-at-a-time which is very time consuming.

I need to delete all invisible layers before saving, to save each page separately and keep the original multi-page intact for backup until all individual pages are saved.


Checked the Help file, though didn't find the answer.


How many layers can PDN handle?

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If you aren't saving as a pdn, flatten image is what you are looking for (ctrl+shift+f)

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... flatten image is what you are looking for (ctrl+shift+f)

Thanks, I am using .pdn format but, pdn is slow in loading/saving the 100+ layers (to only edit a few). I was hoping for a quick way to delete all the invisible to save as individual pdn for each page, instead of one pdn image of 100+ layers/15 pages.

Each of 15 pages has many layers, so to edit any one page I must check/uncheck the appropriate layers for that specific page. For now, to avoid that, I saved a new pdn for each page and a master of all pages. I'm cleaning up each pdn page file to remove unnecessary layers since the files are loading/saving slowly.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

Paint.NET is my favorite 'go to' program - it's so user friendly... and I really need that! ;-)

Q: Are there any known tweak's to speed loading/saving time?

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Things you can try:

1. Reduce the number of installed fonts.

2. Reduce the number of plugins you load

3. Reduce the size (dimensions) of your image

4. Reduce the number of layers in your image

5. Upgrade your memory - more is better

6. A 64-bit version of Windows 7

7. Make sure you have plenty of hard drive space.

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