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Help me with logo

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Follow these two links & download the plugin packages from each:

BoltBait's Pack

Drop Shadow, Color Accent, Gradient,…KrisVDM's plugin Pack

BoltBait's plugin pack has the excellent Bevel Selection effect that would be easy for you to use to create highlights and shadows.

KrisVDM's plugin pack contains the Drop Shadow effect. This will allow you to add more shadowing around the logo for extra depth.

To learn how to install plugins, try this link: http://www.boltbait....lingEffects.asp


First I'm going to teach you how to separate the logo from the white background:

1. Open your image

2. Select the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool: & change the tolerance in the toolbar to 34%

3. Click on the white background and press the delete key.

4. Now create a new layer :AddNewLayer:

5. Move it below the existing layer :MoveLayerDown:

6. Select the fill tool :FillSelection:

7. Right click anywhere in the new layer to fill it with white.

8. Return to the logo layer (click in in the layers window). We need to smooth out the edges!

9. Go to Effects > Blur & click Gaussian Blur. Change the radius to 1. Not brilliant, but it will do (Mountnman's suggestion would work better - I'll let him explain it :P)

10. Save the image as a *.pdn

Now the logo is separated from the background.

Let's apply the bevelling (assume you have installed the plugin and restarted Paint.Net since the installation)

1. Open the image you created above if not still open.

2. Click on the layer that has the logo in it to activate that layer.

3. Select the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool: and click anywhere in the layer that is not part of the logo.

4. Invert the selection with CTRL + I (effectively this selects just the logo bits).

5. Now go to Effects > Selection & click on Bevel Selection

6. In the top three RGB boxes, type in 188, 153 & 255 respectively. This is the highlight color.

7. In the lower three RGB boxes, type in 47, 23 & 104 respectively. This is the shadow color.

8. Press OK to commit your bevelling to the canvas. Nice 3D look right?

Time for some drop shadow:

1. With the logo layer selected (active) but no selection active (press Esc to make sure), go to Effects > Stylize & click on Drop Shadow

2. Change the X & Y Offset to 2, then change the Blur Radius to 3.

3. Tone down the shadow color by typing in 127 to each of the RGB boxes, or just slide the right color bar indicators up to around halfway up the gradient filled indicator.

4. Save your image as *.pdn (doing so preserves layering information).

How does that look? B)

Here's a before\after comparison: logoOverhaul.png

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The link is broken, but I'm glad you have got the hang of it. Try it a few times with slightly different settings to see how they alter the final image.

MadJik's suggestion to work at a larger size is a good one. It's always easier to shrink an image that to enlarge it.

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