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How to use Double Vector


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Confirmed. The sample code doesn't fly.

I don't know that this is the fault of the double vector control. The error I get is: cannot implicitly convert 'int' to 'PaintDotNet.Pair<double,double>'

(@BoltBait: Can the error window contents be copied? They seem to be able to be highlighted, just not copied via normal means)

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If you say "Pair.Create(0, 0)" then the Pair.Create static method will return a Pair<int, int>. This is because "0" by itself is an int, so the inferred types to Pair.Create<T1, T2> are int and int.

You can either use "Pair.Create(0.0, 0.0)" (note 0.0) and double will be inferred, or expclitely say "Pair<double, double> x = Pair.Create<double, double>(a, b )".

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this one doesnt work (the on posted above) 

Pair<double,double> Amount1=Pair.Create(0.0,0.0); // Position

while this works

Pair<double, double> Amount1=Pair.Create(0.0,0.0); // Position

amazing what 1 space can do

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